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American Dream

Has America Changed?

This is an interesting read. Written by Ken Huber – he does make some interesting points about American and what it has become. Our apologies for the small print in the article.

He makes several comparisons which will open your mind and perhaps cause debate.

Has America Changed It's Standards

Can’t Afford Obamacare? Get To Work!

Can't afford Obamacare then get to work!

There are many reasons why I didn’t support Obamacare.  One of them has really not been discussed in the public or by the supporters of the law.  First, most supports of the law in my opinion have their regular 9 to 5 jobs.  They feel their insurance is covered by their employer so who cares about the costs to the other Americans right?  Most Americans fall into that category. Self employment is a big deal here in a America, however, and with that being said I do understand entrepreneurship and business ownership isn’t for everyone.  I for one want to be wealthy one day and don’t want to settle for an average $40,000 per year job.  I have always felt that this opportunity is what America is about.  Many come to American for this opportunity.  You can go on your own and make a difference for yourself here.  If you work hard and build your own empire (instead of working for someone else) then you can be your own King.  You can be a multi-millionaire and not have the worries of working for the man.  Sure, it’s not for everyone and mostly about your environment and how you were raised I believe.  I have great friends who don’t want to take that chance or leap into something that could be much more beneficial.  They have so many opportunities due to the field of work they are in. It’s the difference of being happy with $3,000 per month or giving it a shoot to make $50,000 per month.  They are content with the average routine of 9 to 5er’s.  I don’t really understand that reasoning but it’s a personal choice and I respect that.

My point is that Obamacare is a set back in entrepreneurship.  Before Obamacare, you had that opportunity to quit your job (saving up and putting some cash away) and try to make it happen.  However, with Obamacare you have to take into the healthcare monthly fees now.  Since you won’t be supported by a company, you have to factor this in.  It’s much harder to be a business owner or self employed just starting out.  The law puts a bigger burden of financial responsibility on you and there is a less chance you’re American Dream of self entrepreneurship will ever happen.  The burdens are much larger and most likely to much for most to risk.  Many more won’t take that chance now.  In short, I have felt the Obamacare law is a big step back for people who want to make a better future for themselves.  It’s a set back for the dreams of what America is to many people all over the World.  An opportunity to spread your wings, give your idea a shot, and perhaps you can have live a life of prosperity.

The truth about Obamacare is….that it’s much harder now.  Many won’t even bother to give it a shot and more people will have to just get normal jobs working for the man.  From a Government and taxes perspective this is a great system.  They can force people to the workforce and build up the taxes and revenue which is what they need so greatly right now.  Obamacare, because of the rates/plans, forces you to the 9-5 workforce.  You probably can’t afford it going the entrepreneur route anymore (especially just starting out) so you’re going to need to get a job and support our economy. You need to get your taxes automatically taken out of your paycheck each week and be the perfect citizen. Obviously the more citizens working the better the economy is.  It’s that hidden agenda nobody talks about and one big step back for the American Dream and entrepreneurship.

Molding The Perfect American Citizen

I find it incredibly interesting how American citizens are molded from a young age.  How and why they stand for or against a certain topic then calculating why they believe that based on history or their early environment.  We all our products of our environment.  A simple example is Christianity in America.  Surveys suggest that roughly 92% of Americans identify themselves with the religion.  Every once in a while I will ask one if their family growing up was religious (not always).  Then I ask do they think they would be a Christian if they were born in another country where a different type of religion was more popular such as Buddhism in Cambodia (95%) … they of course say no and that they would still be Christians.  The reality is that our environment plays a huge impact of what we are.  We all start out as products of our genes, food and growth is provided by our environment, experience is learned through events, parents help guide us, then opportunities for decisions.  Some we have control over and others we don’t.  We all are hardwired with certain things like fight or flight.

I was talking with a guy and some of his friends I met at the Ram Restaurant recently.  He has given up on American and has made the decision to leave it all behind and move to Ecuador.  I found the topic interesting because I personally have considered doing a “World Tour” myself.  However, he was done with it here and made the decision already.  He wasn’t going for a few months – he was going forever.  Upon hearing the plans his friends asked him, “what about the stability of the country?” He replied, “you mean the stability of a country whose banks don’t do horrible loans or invest is derivatives?  “You mean the stability of a country where the general population has the courage to march in the streets to make a change or throw out all the corrupt officials out of office?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little on the inside because he was exactly right.  In America, our citizens have been molded to believe in staying inside political boundaries “protest zones/areas”.  Most Americans through complacency are cowards to political activism.  To make a real change we are to believe that your vote really matters and emailing their Senator several times a year can help.  In America, marching down the street in a large crowd is viewed by many uncivilized and even unpatriotic.

The example above about protesting is just one of many topics Americans think differently about.  It’s concerning how much power the media has on all of us.  It reaches into all our homes and pursueds the young or old through the years.  There isn’t a king, pope, or general who can even compare to the few dozen who control the information and ultimately we make decisions on.  So many American do not even see it.  They completely fail to realize that they are being manipulated.

For many years now I have been educating myself of what other countries think of Americans.  Some countries are good, however, most are bad.  We are viewed as egotistical, flag worshipers, greedy, thinking the US is the center of the World, vain, & loud.  Many view us as being to over the top with our own nationalism (we are the best talk).  I can’t blame them this is what we hear all the time.  There is a constant voice in the media that we are the best.  “America The Beautiful” type.

Why are we so committed to believe this type of media or perfect citizenship.  Is it our environment or we simply don’t know better because that is all we hear and know.  The truth is many do believe and will continue that hardcore commitment in believing we are the very best.  Even though when compared to others countries we simply are not.  Our education system is ranked at the bottom, our leaders are corrupt, we have lost our status of a Wold Leader by many.  What about our freedom?  Gay marriage is not allowed, drinking age is higher than many countries, drugs are viewed as a crime where other countries have monetized it and using it to help people medically.  We owe more money then money we have in circulation available, our culture is a blend of everyone else’s so we don’t have the best as its a mash up, we have no real plan to spend less,  and finally all politicians are bribed and bent to their opinions based on who has paid them.

So are you molded to be the perfect American citizen?

Obama Refinance Plan FAILS

With our historically low mortgage rates, President Obama is pushing the Republicans again about a piece of legislation he proposed back in February.  The Obama Administration believes it would help many of the struggling homeowners and families trying to keep their homes, pay their debt, and prevent many foreclosures.

President Obama mentioned today on his weekly radio/Internet address that “Here we are – seven months later – still waiting on Congress to act”.  It’s the typical response from Obama and same whether we are talking about jobs or mortgages.

Republicans won’t agree to the proposal because of its $5 to $10 billion cost.  Like many things sitting in Congress from Obama they come at a high cost.  Just like this proposed refinance offer or the many construction bills on the table to inflate the jobs numbers spending money on special road projects that are not “must” have work.

The idea of refinancing your home fails in many ways.  Honestly, it was a failure before it even started.  The biggest problem is that it’s governed by your bank.  The bank evaluates if you even qualify for a refinance.  You need a job and steady income proven with years of IRS documents.  In short, you have a be a long term paying citizen to even quality.  If you break even at the end of the year when it comes to taxes or owe anything you wouldn’t “qualify” for refinancing.  On paper you wouldn’t be making any money to pay the bills.  However, if you’re really good citizen and make 100K a year (paying 35% to taxes) and keeping the rest – you would qualify for home refinancing.  If you get my point to be eligible by the bank you’re IRS documents must state you’re paying them and doing your civic duty.  Breaking even or paying the IRS isn’t going to allow you to refinance your mortgage rate.

The other problem and I am sure President Obama knows this (many homeowners don’t) is that Washington state like many states is a non recourse state.  If you ever just give up on your home and walk way in Washington State, the bank will foreclose on you (ruin your credit) and that will be it.  There will be no legal repercussions.  The bank won’t come after you for the remaining balance after auction should they lose money overall on your loan.  In some states they can sue you for the rest of the loan.   HOWEVER, take note that non-recourse doesn’t apply when you refinance.  Non recourse also doesn’t apply to equity loans should you have one. So trying to do the right thing may in fact make your financial issue even worse and that is why I would never support this refinance plan by Obama.  Many innocent people will get trapped into a bigger mess trying to do the “right thing” to make it work.  If you refinance and walk away the bank can come after you later once they low-ball it at an auction to some investor.

I have said it before that homes are not investments they are liabilities.  Buying something 4 times it’s worth will never work out.  The numbers simply don’t work out anymore.  Don’t get to attached and I’m a strong advocate of walking away if you must.  Banks got their bailout and already been paid for your home so know when to cut your losses on your home if you must.

By passing this Obama refinance plan, it forces people to try to make it work and not walk away from a really bad idea (home).  It puts you even more at the mercy of the bank and I assure you they don’t give a rats ass about you or your family.

Seattle Real Estate Market – Down Again

The Seattle real estate market is down again in April and many are starting to think it may never rebound. I believe the general public is feeling better about real estate (compared to a year ago or more) but at the end of the day it’s comes down to money. Many don’t feel secure in their jobs and even more don’t have enough money to invest in a home. When you’re nickled and dimed everyday with the taxes, fines, tolls, penalties, and other dreamed up concoctions it makes it very difficult for the average family. When you were a child, you most likely were taught that home ownership is the American dream. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. A place where you can call your own instead of paying rent every month (that goes no where).

The real estate market sure has changed overtime. Of course the wages were less back then but you could get a home in the 5K – 20K range. Over the course of 30 years the property would grow in appreciation and eventually you could make a profit, retire on it, or just live comfortably. Unfortuately, the banks have put a stop to that. The average family purchasing a home will not even come close to see the home appreciation as it once was. A home that cost $250K will cost you over $400K over the life of loan. If you add in the additional 3K+ per year property taxes over the 30 years, that would mean you would have paid over 490K. Do you really think your $250K home will appreciate over $490K? The value of home ownership and the Seattle real estate marketing is retirement. You must be in it for the longterm.

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