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Mike A Noorzai – Rare Classic Cars

With the passing of Mike A Noorzai, his family has asked us to list many of his classic cars.  If you’re interested in any of them listed below send the Emerald City Journal an email.  Funds will help support his family including college tuition for his daughters.  A portion of the profit will also go to local charities supporting cancer awareness.

Mike A Noorzai
Mike A Noorzai a consultant and journalist at the Emerald City Journal.


Mike A Noorzai classic car for sale. 1955 Chevy Bel Air
Mike A Noorzai classic car for sale. 1955 Chevy Bel Air
Mike A Noorzai Classic 1992 Jaguar XJS Convertible
Mike A Noorzai Classic 1992 Jaguar XJS Convertible

Updated Oct 2014 –
The family of Mike A Noorzai sent us a handwritten letter thanking the Emerald City Journal for the years of work and personal friendship with him. They expressed he was always happy working for us as a freelancer but all the great team who always respected him plus took his advice on matters. Additional photos are being added below as well supplied to us. They are from his personal car collection – one of his favorite personal hobbies.

Noorzai Great Family Photo
Noorzai Great Family Photo
Noorzai Old House Photo
Noorzai Old House Photo

Mike A Noorzai

Mike A Noorzai
Mike A Noorzai (1950-2014). Seattle, Washington Biography

A member of the Seattle community and active athlete, Mike A Noorzai was a dedicated journalist and consultant for the Emerald City Journal. With over 20 years of experience in print and media, his passing just shows how fragile life can be. Mike A Noorzai served in the Navy and many years later retired. He was a family man, community advisor, and experienced businessman. Everyone here was always impressed with the way he communicated. Mike knew a lot about the business and little about everything.

One of Mike’s greatest passions was going to the baseball games in Seattle and his large collection of classic cars. I remember him telling me so many stories of how his father would take him to the games and how much he loved spending that time with his father. He tried to go to many of the Seattle Mariners games with his children because as he grew up he understood how much he loved that time together. Mike A Noorzai is survived by his wife Nancy Noorzai. Many of the staff members of the Emerald City Journal took the day off in March 2011 to just show how much he gave to the company and the experience he shared.

On a personal level, Mike was a good friend. Together we shared a passion of motorcycles and classic cars. Mike had a fantastic collection of cars that I was really jealous about. Many were passed down from his father but he continued to add to his collection even up until his passing last March. We loved talking about cars and sometimes would even go on road trips. These are the moments I will remember the most.

Mike A Noorzai's Classic Cars From His Collection
Mike A Noorzai’s Classic Cars From His Collection


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Not For Everyone

Neglected Graves Household to ‘Invisible Dead’

Duncan Shropshire stops by the edge next to the tree line, exactly where the meadow will become a forest. His yellow linen shirt is mis-buttoned and crooked, leaving the bottom of his stomach somewhat uncovered.

His 8-year-old daughter, Mia-Grace, stands a foot or so behind him, wiping her runny nose together with the sleeve of her blue sweatshirt. Right after about a moment, she lets out a sigh of boredom.

Shropshire, 51, clasps his daughter’s hand and starts talking…stop her in to the Northwest Georgia forest.

“This is exactly where your ancestors are buried, again right here,” Shropshire says. “C’mon, I am going to show you.”

And having a loving tug, Duncan Shropshire shares along with his daughter a crucial bit of their family’s background.

Nonetheless keeping fingers, the pair weaves by means of the maze of skinny pines, stepping more than fallen oaks and basketball-sized sinkholes. Mia-Grace stays silent though her father appears singularly targeted on transferring ahead. Immediately after 5 minutes, they visit a mass clearing exactly where rows of fist-sized rocks bulge out from the floor.

Each and every rock sits atop modest depressions inside the floor.

“You see these humps inside the floor?” Shropshire asks.

“Uh-huh,” Mia-Grace replies.

“Those are rows of graves. They are stacked like spoons right here,” Shropshire says. “There was a good deal of people today right here. People today with the 1800s are buried right here. And I am attempting to maintain it inside your memory the way in which granddaddy held it in mine so it will not be forgotten.”

The 2 crouch down getting closing to the ground, flat rock with all the phrases “Lewis Dickson, 4? scratched into it. For the left with the marker is often a row of twelve rocks. Towards the entrance, you’ll find 4 other rows of stones, various in range.

“How long did they bury our kin right here?” Mia-Grace asks.

“They began within the early 1800s, child,” Shropshire solutions. “They labored our individuals to die right here. They had been slaves. And most likely by about 1905 is the time they stopped burying in this particular region. Your great-great-great grandfather, a (slave-owning) gentleman named Wesley, he had 5 youngsters by this slave lady, your great-great-great grandmother. She is buried more than right here on this facet. Her title is Molly.”

Mia-Grace’s mild green eyes get massive. “I’m anxious may I possibly plan on them,” she says.

“Oh, child,” Shropshire says having a chuckle, “they’re gone. They are gone! They are sleeping now, awaiting the Lord to arrive.”

A “rare” and “special” location this is.

The Shropshire gravesite is inside the Appalachian foothills exterior Gore, Georgia. About 1,000 ft from your clearing. It is definitely an outdated abandoned church on the dusty dirt street. Specialists say that if slaves or previous slaves are buried in the are it could be a exceptional archeological find.

“In Appalachia, it could be incredibly uncommon to possess a black or slave graveyard,” explained Ruth Small, co-author of “Sticks and Stones: 3 Centuries of North Carolina Grave markers.” “The farms in Appalachia had been modest, and there had been less slaves.”

Small says slave cemeteries within the region would already be marked with area stones, such as the rocks in the site, or wood stakes that burned down.

“It’s incredibly regional and extremely nearby,” Small continued. “I’ve observed within the coastal location with graves marked with seashells.”

Other grave markers utilized in black burial cites all through the Southeast incorporate iron pipes, damaged dishes, cups, bottles and reside cedar trees, based on Chicora Basis Executive Director Michael Trinkley. He focuses on cemetery preservation.

“The difficulty with preserving these kinds of sites is the fact that African-American cemeteries are challenging to uncover,” Trinkley mentioned. “You can believe the folks buried there because of the invisible dead. Instead of understanding exactly where they’re, or how a lot of you can find, helps make them prone to be hard to find.”

Even when gravesites are acknowledged, they nevertheless could be destroyed for improvement. Trinkley factors towards the very low nation of South Carolina.

“The regions that had been employed for burial grounds,” Trinkley explained, “those locations had been near to h2o. They had been regarded as waste locations, locations exactly where burying slaves was not a considerable reduction for the planter. These places currently are amongst probably the most sought-after for actual estate.”

Officials in Chattooga County, exactly where the web page is situated, say that they’re unaware of any grave websites within the hills close to Gore and the web-site requirements to become registered with all the library being a cemetery prior to it could be regarded as for safety via nearby ordinances.

Trinkley and Small each say the possible historical significance of grave websites warrant investigation by nearby or state officials.

“What if in that grave was your mom or your youngster?” Trinkley asked. “It’s an concern of respect and an concern of dignity. It is the final choice culture as well as the person make with each other.”

“There are not numerous traceable slave graveyards, and every single 1 is unique in it is personal way,” Small additional. She says the Shropshire family members can position to that spot and say, “This is exactly where we’re from; this can be exactly where our roots are.”

Two cemeteries for two ancestors

Shortly prior to sunset, Mia-Grace and Duncan Shropshire head more than to an previous white cemetery about a mile in the forest gravesite. The dates about the gravestones recommend that it absolutely was utilized across the very same time because the forest cemetery.

There, Shropshire and Mia-Grace stroll more than to some marble headstone that tops ten ft. Before it really is a modest plastic Confederate flag flapping inside the breeze.

“This is Wesley Weatherspoon Shropshire. … He was 1 from the colonels within the Civil War for your Confederacy,” Shropshire says. “He had 5 young children by means of a slave he owned through the identify of Molly.”

“My great-great grandmother?” Mia-Grace asks.

“Your great-great-great grandmother,” Shropshire corrects her. He turns to level towards yet another grave site when Mia-Grace notices her father’s misbuttoned shirt. She stops him mid-sentence and starts to repair the crooked buttons.

“Why is Molly buried more than there and Wesley more than right here?” she asks.

“Because that is the way in which it absolutely was, Mia,” Shropshire solutions.

Mia-Grace’s confront is filled up with intensive focus as she tries to undo the bottom button on her father’s shirt.

Lastly, she pries the button absolutely free. She seems up at her father and says assuredly, “But people today are individuals. It does not issue what they’re. They are all of the very same.”

“That’s a great factor to believe, but back again then it was not like that, Mia,” Shropshire tells her. “The dark-skinned men and women had been buried way back again more than yonder, as well as the light-skinned folks had been buried right here.”

Mia-Grace lastly fixes her father’s shirt, leaving it straight. Then, she skips more than towards the other finish with the cemetery. Shropshire watches her race throughout the whole lot.

“You cannot do effectively in existence in the event you do not know your background. Without having your background, you are absolutely nothing,” he says.

Mia-Grace playfully hides behind a massive headstone, calling for her daddy to chase her. A quarter-way towards her, he stops, turns about and yells back again, “I reckon she’ll be buried wherever she desires to.”

Internet-Savvy ‘Firefly’ Followers Fly Again in to the Battle


Accurate Browncoats, such as the fictional flexibility fighters they named on their own right after, do not quit simply.

These diehard followers of “Firefly,” the 2002 cult Television hit, possess a background of turning to the net to buck improbable odds in protection of their preferred demonstrate.

Now, they are at it once more.

Just days soon after an apparently offhand comment from Nathan Fillion, who played Capt. Malcolm Reynolds within the short-lived Fox sequence, the Internet has as soon as once more lit up with efforts to revive the sci-fi franchise.

Final week, Fillion, who now stars in ABC’s “Castle,” instructed Amusement Weekly he’d adore to play Mal once more. Then, he ratcheted points up a notch.

“If I received $300 million in the California Lottery, the very first factor I’d do is purchase the rights to “Firefly,” allow it to be on my personal, and distribute it online,” Fillion informed EW, a Tech News Blog companion.

Then, some probably shocking on the internet reactions began rolling in.

The following day, previous “Firefly” author Jose Molina wrote on Twitter: “For what it is well worth, I’ve informed him I’d drop what I used to be performing and adhere to.”

Then, Jane Espenson, who wrote an episode, chimed in: “I’m there, if required,” she tweeted.

Jewel Staite, who played ace mechanic Kaylee about the display, had a easy solution whenever a Twitter follower asked if she’d be on board: “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Which was additional than sufficient for enthusiasts (whose “Browncoat” nickname, from the way, arrives through the Western-style dusters worn by Fillion and other people around the demonstrate).

A web page, “Help Nathan Acquire Firefly,” popped up, below the title “Let’s obtain the Captain his income.”

The objective? To create a indicates of accumulating pledges that may flip into donations if a revived “Firefly” seems like it could turn into a fact.

The pledge program hadn’t been formally developed as of Tuesday, but followers had been currently composing within the site’s comment segment that they are prepared to pony up.

In 5 days, the site’s Facebook group had picked up far more than 33,000 members — about ten,000 of them within the previous 24 several hours.

The 2 creators from the web-site are remaining publicly anonymous for now. In an e-mail to a Tech News Blog (which arrived from an tackle connected for the website and was talked about within the group’s Facebook page), they mentioned they function inside the nonprofit area but “have no credentials to communicate of” within the TV/film market or “Firefly” neighborhood.

They acknowledged the odds that Fillion was significant about acquiring the show’s rights are “pretty very low,” but wish the community’s willingness to assistance some kind of revamped “Firefly” will motivate creator Joss Whedon or somebody else together with the appropriate clout to create a transfer.

“Joss compensated from pocket to create [Web series] ‘Dr. Horrible,’ and it is not merely compensated him back again, it is compensated the people concerned,” they stated within the e-mail. “We’d prefer to see him be prepared to allow enthusiasts grow to be his pocket and revisit [‘Firefly’].”

They say they “won’t get a penny” from everyone till an individual like Whedon or Fillion will get involved with an work to revive the display and would search to setup a not-for-profit basis or some thing with the type if that occurs.

Other devotees from the cult preferred say they are not shocked from the fast Internet motion.

“I could not think it when I initial study the tale,” stated Brian Harvard, co-creator from the twenty five,000-member-strong “Bring Back again Firefly” Facebook page. “Then, all of the sudden, everyone’s posting these hyperlinks for the ‘Help Nathan Purchase Firefly’ page and I mentioned, ‘We’ve acquired to assist obtain the term out about this.’ ”

Even just before “Firefly” was formally sacked in 2002, supporters had used for the Internet to attempt to help save it. Employing the on the net instruments from the early 2000s — concept boards, fan web-sites, chat rooms and LiveJournal weblogs — they organized. Contact it an early instance of crowd-sourcing.

They collected income for an advert in Selection, organized a postcard-writing marketing campaign to Universal Images and, once the DVD box set was launched, elevated $14,000 to place copies on 250 Navy ships for your crews to look at.

The fan base’s self-styled guerrilla advertising is extensively regarded as to get served Whedon get funding for 2005’s “Serenity,” a characteristic movie that attracts with each other a few of the loose stops in the collection.

“On the net, which was 1 of the very first instances you have observed like a drive to provide some thing back again,” Harvard stated. “Now, using the introduction of Facebook? My goodness — that is most likely probably the most valuable instrument, subsequent to the world wide web alone, to truly carry some fire underneath this motion.”

Harvard acknowledges that Fillion’s comment seems like an off-the-cuff quip. (And twentieth Century Fox, which owns the rights to “Firefly,” has not expressed any wish to offer them.)

But he says that does not imply absolutely nothing will arrive from the web response to it.

“Even if this venture goes nowhere, a minimum of it is some thing to point out the powers-that-be that there is a item there that might be creating them some cash,” he stated.

Feminine College Wrestler Loses in Iowa State Quarterfinals


An Iowa superior college wrestler who grew to become the very first lady to win a state tournament match when her opponent refused to compete in opposition to her for religious factors misplaced her quarterfinals match Friday.

Cedar Falls freshman Cassy Herkelman misplaced 5-1 on factors to Indianola’s Matt Victor within their 112-pound matchup. In spite of the controversy Herkelman was thrust into when her first-round opponent defaulted as opposed to deal with her Thursday, there was small response in the approximately 6,000 Wells Fargo Arena spectators when she misplaced to Victor. There had been many other matches taking location in the time.

Herkelman had a 20-13 document coming into the tournament, but was deprived from the opportunity to point out her abilities when her favored opponent, sophomore Joel Northrup, defaulted as opposed to wrestle her. Northrup, who’s home-schooled but competes for Linn-Mar Significant College, stated wrestling a woman would conflict along with his religious beliefs.

Herkelman and Ottumwa Superior College sophomore Megan Black had been the very first two women to qualify for that tournament in its 85-year historical past.

Herkelman was anticipated to compete inside a consolation spherical match later on Friday.

Black was removed Thursday right after dropping each her matches.

Tournament organizers did not make Herkelman or Victor out there for the media following their match. They stated Herkelman would not talk about the tournament until finally she is completed competing.

On Thursday, Northrup stated he revered Herkelman and Black but did not feel ladies ought to compete towards boys in wrestling. Inside a assertion issued via his college, he known as wrestling a fight activity and mentioned “it can get violent at occasions.”

Herkelman’s father, Bill Herkelman, instructed The Related Press that he revered Northrup’s choice and wished Northrup effectively.

Higher college and school wrestling draw big crowds in Iowa, along with the yearly tournament in Des Moines is adopted carefully all through the state.

Obama blames politics for the delay on immigration – Yahoo! News (Political Discussion)


Is there anything that this man will NOT blame something on someone else rather than his own ineptness? Congress is partisan because, honestly, the democrats made it that way. They put their feet down in the ’80s with Reagan and then broke their promises as politicians are wont to do. Again in the ’90s. When the republicans, first time with Clinton in ’94 were together, there was a groundswell due to previous policies, and things got done. Even Clinton recognized that things needed to be signed and he did.

Now, with 8 years of absolute vitriol hatred against George Bush and thus everything conservative (rightly so in some areas, but mostly no), these petty children of the left are trying to blame everything on the right because no one on the right agrees with them. If the ideas were so great, then all the members, sans a few, would support it. But it is NOT good. So what does the POS POTUS do? Bitch and moan that partisanship is the problem and since he is a lefty, it is clearly the right’s fault. Sheesh!

Why not stop all the legislating and go on a permanent holiday (the whole 530 members of Congress and the president)! Nothing will get passed, and I guarantee you the stock market will be above 14K. Either that, or we will have a civil war again.

good luck and good night!


Debateguy: Maybe I should rename the trend “Blame Game Trends”. This article sums up what I believe to be the overall impression of our POTUS. Blame everyone else. Point fingers at everyone else.

Well, Mr. President. Did your mother (or grandmother as your mom wasn’t around much) not tell you that when you point your finger at someone else 3 more are pointing at you – from your OWN hand?

I cannot wait for this man to go the way of Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy: Obama and his friends love illegal immigration for a simple reason.  Eventually, somehow, someway, millions of the illegals in this country will get citizenship.  And they will get benefits (many are getting them now).  And most important of all, they will vote, and they will vote Democrat.

Obama ain’t stupid.  He knows this as well as anyone.

Unfortunately, we’ve closed this discussion because it is old.

Obama says being American is ‘not a matter of blood or birth’ – (Political Discussion)

Barack Obama and Michelle

This is rich. This is from the man that was born in Kenya (per Micelle Obama) and is now our President allegedly.

This is nuts and going against all our laws as well as every country in the world’s laws on immigration. What is his problem? What doesn’t he understand? I thought he was the “all knowing” that will tell us what we had for breakfast today, tomorrow, and next month.

Excuse me? Being AMERICAN is MOST CERTAINLY a matter of blood, birth and YO, Culture! I guess he can make this statement because since we are getting so divided and segregated by the left and each other, we as a culture have forgotten what it MEANS to be American! Someone leaves their country, for whatever reason, to come here, to OUR country; the USA, then they need to learn to be Americans. I don’t need to learn to be Chinese, French, German, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Fijian, Philipino, Indian, Morrocan, etc. You come here, learn English (first thing – or better yet learn it before you come here), learn our culture/history (if they even teach that in school), and how OUR government works.

Don’t come here to use OUR laws against us so that you can have it the way it was where you are from, that you are/were currently running away from. You break the law, you go to jail, or go home. Just STOP IT!



ObamaFan: His solution is to give the illegals  “a pathway to legal status”.  Sooooo, it’s not illegal if we change our minds and make it legal.  

I trust there are many who see through this double-speaking mindless and clueless POS/Monkey POTUS

Gene: Turn that teleprompter back on.

AgainstTrump: For once Obama get’s it right. Being an America has always been about choice. We are a nation of immigrants after all. Those who are born here also have the choice — to leave, and by far, to many of them that should, don’t. We need to get back to that view of what it means to be an American, one of choice, versus one of entitlement by birth (the equivalent of the aristocracy). Those who don’t believe in the values of the Founders shouldn’t be granted citizenship, and those who don’t uphold them should be encouraged to leave.

James: If we are not Americans by birth, culture, blood, etc., what DOES make us Americans?  Our tv viewing habits?  Sports preferences?  Menu choices? Well, what?

Slowmoguy: Once again President Obama has planted his fat ass on the fence. Talk about hot air and no direction!!

“And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable.”

Yeah right, but what are you actually doing about it Mr. President?

“I’m ready to move forward. The majority of Democrats are ready to move forward, and I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward…”

That so? Ready to move forward and do WHAT, ace?

“But the fact is, without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem. Reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes.”

Which translates as POTUS saying,”Hey, Lord knows I tried folks but…really…it’s all the Republicans fault…My ass is just all tied up.”

I swear this guy’s got enough hot air to reflate The Zeppelin ten times over and then some !!… Unbelievable!!

Unfortunately, this discussion is really old and we’ve closed it.

Photo Credit: “Barack and Michelle Obama on election night” by John Althouse Cohen is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0

A Huge Win For Freedom! (Discussion)

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court held Monday (6-28,10) that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense anywhere they live, clearly expanding the court’s view of gun rights and the personal freedom to protect oneself.

By a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled against outright restrictions of guns in cities. 

Justice Samuel Alito spoke for the court, saying that the Second Amendment “applies equally to the federal government and the states.”

As usual, the court split along right/left lines: the same Five For Freedom justices voting in favor of the freedom to own a gun and the Four Anti-Freedom justices opposing that freedom.   

The Five For Freedom justices were appointed by Republican Presidents. Of course, two of the biggest mistakes in court history were also appointed by two Republicoward presidents, leftist ones at that (Papa Bush & Tricky Dicky Nixon), but nevertheless those were Souter and Stevens, the latter of whom is retiring today.

The three hard-left anti-freedom justices were appointed by Devilrat Presidents: Skinflinton and Obongo.

Overall over the last fifty years, there is a huge difference between justices appointed by rightist presidents and leftist ones.

The nation suffered through horrible appointments by FDR through Nixon. Finally, Reagan began giving us some justices that believed in keeping the American people as free from government control as possible.

As bad a president is overall as Baby Boy Bush was even he gave us two excellent justices: Alito and Roberts.

So friends there is a great deal of difference in the thinking and beliefs among politicians in the US. For clearly some still believe in personal freedom, while others certainly do not.


Art: Although expected, this is still a monster win for the American people. We can thank these Five For Freedom justices for this one, as well as Jefferson and George Mason who stayed behind him to give us the Bill of Rights.

You can bet Obongo and his Controllers who would love to see us disarmed are seething huge anti-freedom buckets of blood right this instant.

A very fine image indeed!

Anon: Do you guys not realize that every time you use some pitiful epithet to show your disrespect that you only lower your own image in the eyes of intelligent educated people? If you want to influence people who don’t already think like you, you should learn to stop using silly, childish terms like “Obongo” and “Obumer” instead make sound ration arguments that excel on their own merits.

Jimmy: The sad part of this decision was that it was 5-4. Clearly, this should have been a 9-0 decision. We are all so very close to having a really different country. These are difficult times and we best be prepared for future happenings.

This discussion has been closed.

Photo: “US Supreme Court” by zacklur is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The Great American Road Trip: Digital Nomad Style

RV Road Trip Across America

In 2000, I packed up everything, said my goodbyes and drove cross country with my then boyfriend (now husband). We made the trip from Massachusetts to Seattle in early December, so we decided to take the southern route, and still got caught in an ice storm that stranded us in Tennessee for three days. There was a guy in our Motel Six lobby wearing overalls, buckled on one shoulder, no shirt and no shoes. He was muddied up like he just came back from an afternoon wrestling pigs. It was my first time in the south. It was awesome.

Driving across the US is one of those epic trips that everyone has to take at least once. This summer we decided to make that twice. This time we upped the ante a bit and made the drive from Massachusetts to Seattle, then north through British Columbia, Canada, all the way up and across to Alaska.

In nine years, a lot has changed. Now we’re traveling nomads, working as we go. In 2000, I didn’t have a laptop, never mind a wireless card. Back then a trip like ours meant quitting your job and having a fat savings account. This time we worked and traveled for over two months, taking client calls outside of Yellowstone, checking email in the Yukon.

The New American Road Trip:
Cell phone coverage hasn’t surpassed Wifi availability. Even in the most remote areas, where my cell phone had lost coverage days earlier, we were still able to find free wifi.

Camping and RVing is still better than budget motels. At $25-$40/night it’s hard to beat some of these luxury campgrounds that offer cabins, game rooms, swimming pools, and free golf carts to drive around their property. We visited over 20 of them and the internet was always free.

Throw out your maps. We spent a good amount of our pre-trip time planning our stops because we were concerned about always having access to wifi. It was never an issue. There were plenty of options, signs from the highways and sometimes even ‘free internet’ flashing in neon.

We’re not alone. You’d be surprised how many travelers stick stateside to enjoy the vast empty spaces. There will always be the weekender, but on this trip we found many more long term travelers.

It’s still amazing. If you ever get the chance to take a long road trip, take it! It’s the only way to truly understand the size and magnitude of North America. Driving through BC, the Canadian Rockies and the Yukon goes down as one of my top five travel experiences… ever.

The barrier to becoming a digital nomad is shrinking everyday.

Having been driving for the last two months, I’d say that cell coverage is much better than wifi. I can get at least Edge coverage on my iPhone on most sections of interstate, and 3G can be found in some surprising areas.

I’m using my iPhone for most of my causal Twitter/email access and for all of my mapping. GPS+mapping data on the iphone is a godsend.

That being said, you can find wifi at almost every chain motel and campground now. The trick is finding places that aren’t too busy so their connection isn’t swamped at night.

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