Remembering Lives Lost in House Fire

Three Lives Lost in a House Fire in Thurston County

According to reports from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, a home fire early Saturday morning claimed the lives of three people: two adults and a kid.

Around 1:20 A.M., firefighters from Thurston County responded to a fire in Rainier’s 16100 block of Village Drive Southeast. According to the TCSO, the home was engulfed in flames when firemen arrived.

Firefighters were notified by a survivor that two people and a kid remained in the residence. It was not possible to save a couple in their 40s and their 3-year-old granddaughter, despite the efforts of the crews and partner organizations. The only survivor is a young lady in her early twenties, according to reports.

Police from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with detectives from the Lacey Fire Department and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.

Mark King, Southeast Thurston Fire Authority Chief, reported seeing flames explode up to 80 feet into the air. There were two adults and one kid still inside when a woman, 20, fled via a window, according to the lady’s account to rescuers. In spite of attempts to save them, all three were killed. In their late 40s, the couple had been married for a number of years.

Accessibility was a problem, according to King, since the property was located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a tiny dirt road. Additionally, there was no nearby water source. You have to carry water in on wheels since there is no hydrant. “Being that far away provides a restricted dynamic in the scenario,” King added.

Home Fire Safety Tips

In most cases, a fire starts in a house. When it comes to cooking fire safety, whether you live in a single-family home or an apartment complex, there are some simple steps you can take. There has to be a plan in place for each member of the household to react rapidly in the event of a fire.

As temperatures drop and the holidays approach, the danger of a house fire increases due to the increased usage of candles, home heating, and decorations during the colder months.

Your family’s safety may be improved with these winter safety tips:

  1. Prepare for the worst-case scenario – There should be a strategy in place for everyone in the family. People of all ages may want assistance in escaping a dangerous situation.
  2. Every room should have at least two exits, including windows.
  3. Decide on an outdoor gathering spot where everyone may congregate.
  4. The best way to test your strategy is to work with youngsters. Check that the smoke alarm is audible and can be recognized by everyone in the house.
  5. Close doors to contain the fire if possible.
  6. Make your way to the exit if you come across smoke.
  7. Don’t go back in. There’s nothing you need to return for.
  8. If the first exit is blocked by smoke or flames, go to the second.
  9. Close all the doors that stand between you and the blaze. The door gaps should be sealed with a towel or a piece of linen to prevent smoke from getting in.

Apartment Fire Safety Tips

If you hear the fire alarms go off in the building, you should pay serious attention. Every second that passes without action is a precious opportunity to flee.

This is why planning and rehearsing a house escape plan with all occupants is so critical. You should know how to exit your building fast if there is a fire. Do not wait to learn how serious things are.

There should be two routes out of your flat and a predetermined meeting spot outside the building in your home escape plan. Remember to call 911 and provide the dispatcher with your exact location.

Photo Credit: “Candle” by José Pestana is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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