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EMP New Years Parties – My Experience

Each year it seems there is a party at the EMP. I have been to it 2 times now for news years. My second visit was regrettable unfortunately but that is a lesson learned. The new years event is something I would do once, however, if you have never done it before. Another visit would be pointless since it’s the same each and every year. Which is to bad because I really enjoyed it the first time.

The EMP New Years Party is exciting. From what I saw they have two main live bands (big stage & side bar). The big stage band was
disappointing at both of my visits and the real fun came from the small band which played 80s music at the side bar. After a while there
was more people at the small side bar then at the big main stage which pretty much proves my point. The upstairs (3rd level) was DJ R&B music which seemed to be a younger crowd.

The alcohol obviously was expensive and so were the tickets. Just like every event these days there is another company which plays the middle man and attaches on these heft ticket processing fees.  I can’t remember there name but they do New Years Parties all over so the event isn’t that unique to Seattle or anything like that.

The prices go up as the new year gets closer. Ours were last minute and it was $69 per ticket. You should also know that you can’t leave the venue which nobody will tell you. So that means when all the fire works are exploding under the space needle you’re stuck inside. You can’t go out on the balcony or leave for a smoke break or anything. That is a big disappointment and something they should find a solution to really quick considering the EMP is in the shadow of the Space Needle.

My only regret is that they don’t mix up the event each year. It’s the same old thing every where which is unfortunate because if I new it was different each year I probably would go. Like I said, if you haven’t gone then you should at least do it once. I should also mention that there was a pretty large line to get into the party the second time.  It was outside in the cold and rain and wasn’t very organized so go a little early and be prepared for any weather conditions.

Hope this helps when considering the EMP for your next New Year Party.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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