Why Customers Hate Bank Of America

Unfortunately, I am a Bank Of America customer.  In fact, they are my mortgage company.  The good news is that I am not a checking or savings account customer.  First I am not sure why anyone would want to bank here and pay a monthly fee (or have to keep a large minimum) when there are so many FREE options available.  I simply refuse to look at any option that isn’t free.  It’s a free system why pay for it?  That is just silly.

There are many reasons why customers hate Bank Of America but it’s mostly because the company is greedy.  Not only are they greedy they are extremely sneaky about it.  First Bank Of America is one of the largest banks in America.  They are one of the worst managed companies around and continue the “cry” when they are just barely making it.  Just a while ago Bank Of America changed their branch policies to not provide any support for their customers.  They said a fee would be imposed they you needed to actually speak to someone.  To help with this effort they updated their ATMS to make deposits etc easier.  In short, they are going to to charge you the same price but not provide any real person help if you need it (well… they will help but may charge you extra for the help lol).  I couldn’t believe it when they announced this new change.  I figured customers would get disturbed and make the change but many stayed with this messed up business.

Recently, Bank Of America announced that they were going to charge customers $5 just to use their ATM per month.  Wow I said, rolling in laughter on the floor.  That is a big move and a stupid one if you ask me.  This bank just continues to gouge it’s customers with sneaky and greedy fees.

I believe this really hit a nerve with a lot of customers and a Bank Transfer Day was created.  The day was last Saturday actually and I heard it was a tremendous success.  The credit unions who all pretty much offer free banking and higher checking interest rates were overwhelmed with new customers.  After the $5 ATM monthly fee was announced by Bank Of America, they started to feel the heat.  Customers were fed up and starting to move elsewhere.  Bank Of America now is saying that they are not going to charge customers the $5 ATM fee.  They say it was just a test program to see how customers would react and be ok with it.  UMMM… no!!

This morning a Seattle Bank Of America caught on file.  The fire is suspicious and we all wonder why? Really?  I say let it burn.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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