The Future Of The NASA Space Program

As you know, the USA has stopped all flights into space.  Our space shuttles are officially retired and collecting dust.  The future of the NASA Space Program is unknown really.  The space program cost us $200 billion+ over the years (started in 1971) and since we won’t be using it anytime soon we may want to consider closing it all completely.  It’s sad we won’t be exploring the universe anymore but we are so in debt – this cut is a must. We are looking for ways to save money now and what is the point of holding on to all this equipment, technology, shuttles, launch pads etc if we are not going to use it ever again?  Space exploration should now be officially private.  There is no need for the government to be involved (except for security and the our satellites already in space).  Teams have already proven that better and cheaper shuttles are available and nearly ready to be used commercially.  Let the corporations pay for it. 

On a side note, our government is spending 4.1 billion dollars per day.  50 days from right now, the government will have spent more than the entire NASA Space Program.

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  1. Now if we can get Obama to park Air Force One. In 2010 he flew in Air Force One 172 times, almost every other day. Estimated cost per flight hour is $181.75 per flight hour. Thats minus the cost of Marine One, Secret Service, and local police overtime. Not sure what it costs to get all of his teleprompters set up because he sure cant ad lib a thing. He tells us to tighten our belts while he made 65 domestic trips in 104 days, six trips to eight countries over 22 days and six vacation trips over 32 days. Plus 196 helocopter trips. Geez no wonder he had to cancel the space program.

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