The Bite Of Seattle Starts Today

Powered by Comcast, The Bite Of Seattle runs today (15th) to Sunday (17th). Each year approximately 450,000 people show up for the weekend event. The Bite of Seattle has free admission which is great for the family. Some food vendors have very small portions you can pay just a little to try out, however, the majority of it is full cost. Inside The Bite of Seattle there are about 60 or so restaurants. They also have live entertainment like music, cooking lessons/demos, and wine tasting. If you’re concerned about the alcohol, they do have a family friendly area. This is probably the largest food festival each year in Seattle. What is also great is that you’ll see many of the local food talents cooking. Chefs just getting starting in the culinary business.

If the weather holds up it could be a great time to experience The Bite Of Seattle 2011 at the Seattle Center this weekend only.

The Bite Of Seattle opens at 11AM everyday starting today (Friday).

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