Seattle’s South Park Bridge Construction & Final Bid

Future South Park Bridge - Seattle WA
Future South Park Bridge - Seattle WA
After accepting bids for the new South Park Bridge for several months, the lowest bidder was revealed yesterday as being Kiewit Massman for $96 million (plus some change). The county estimated the project would cost $98-108 million dollars. Stated as being an “excellent bid” by King County Executive Dow Donstantine – I’m not entirely convinced. We do have a history with the Massman Construction Company, however, they helped build the West Seattle Bridge.  That does give them some brownie points in my opinion since we have worked with them before.  Obviously their bid ($96 million) by Kiewit Massman should raise some flags. Are they really that good to have placed a bid just under our cost expectations or did someone secretely spill the beans. Will they just add on the extra 10 million or so later and call it cost over runs. We will see about that.

What you may not know is that this bridge has been closed for over a year now. The world is still turning and people are still going to work. Is the bridge really a critical pierce of transportation infrastruction that we need to build it now for 100 million? Maybe a better solution is just to give the 10 business next to the bridge (who probably suffered a little) 20K each and call it day.

On the evening of the announcement to the lowest bid, the county threw a “Thank You” party at the Machinist Union Hall.  In attendance was Dow Constantine and Joe McDermott.  Now that was a complete waste of money.

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