We have written several breaking news stories about Tay Yoshitani about his Port of Seattle salary here at the Emerald City Journal.

Tay Yoshitani is the Port of Seattle CEO.  His current salary is overpaid in our opinion at $700,000.  The City of Seattle constantly is wasting money and a lot of it has to do with Salaries.  Tay Yoshitani (the Port of Seattle CEO) is a very good example of wasted tax dollars.  There is absolutely no reason to be paying the current salary amount to Tay Yoshitani.  For the amount we are paying him per year we could have 8 CEO’s who would work hard and come fully educated about the job.

Before 2007, he served as a senior advisor to the National Association of Waterfront Employers which just sounds like a program that should not have been created.  It is said that Mr. Yoshitani experience is in port security and environmental issues.

The Port of Seattle CEO joined in 2007 and from offical reviews he is doing a great job.  After research the Emerald City Journal has notice only positive revenues when it comes to the Seattle Port, however, overpaying CEO’s is not in the Cities best interested and it’s considered a waste by most tax payers.  Yoshitani is a good example of this tax money abuse.

After Yoshitani joined the Port there were several scandals. Luckily they weren’t around him but fell into the hands of the previous chief Mic Dinsmore. Not connected to him directly, the port police (yes, the port police has there own police) discover racist and pornographic materials. There was also an issue with severance which turned into legal issues for the Seattle Port. Later Yoshitani made reforms and port praised his efforts. In reality, he was just doing his job. It was something he was supposed to do anyway and shouldn’t have even been an public acknowledgement at all. The changes were just oversight changes which should have been implemented a longtime ago by operations.

The Port of Seattle is considered to be the 14th largest Port in North America (57th in the World). It started (was voted to have it created) in 1911. The Port maintains approx. 194,000 jobs. Mr. Yoshitani has mentioned he will be retiring in 2014. A search for his replacement on an International level has already started.