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Sandy Clark

Council Member Sally Clarks Seawall Visit

My email to the Seattle Council Members regarding the Seawall project:

I could not believe that 5 of you council members plus King County Deputy Executive, Fred Jarrett (I don’t have a clue what his real duties are at all) would make a trip to the Seawall to attempt to frighten voters into voting for Prop. 1. Real cheap shot. To trek to the seawall and announce that a Sandy could happen here. Sure a Sandy could happen here. A container box could have a bomb in it too. The seawall could go in an earthquake. You guys are not weather, earthquake or experts on anything. That was to try to scare a bunch of people who might think you “actually know something”.  All you want is $290 million. You have no plan. You don’t know what you want to build how long the seawall will be. You don’t know how you are going to build it when to start or when it might finish or any caps on the spending. If proposition 1 passes the seawall may never get built, the money diddled away like the monorail on planners, architects, and consultants. When the $290 million is gone we still wont have a sea wall but you will need more to fit the specifications these jokers have came up with.

You say if it fails it will disrupt traffic and transportation. Sure it will but only for Keep Reading

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