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Ambers Bar Belltown Seattle

One of my favorite bars when I’m in Belltown partying is Ambers. The bar is setup to be very social friendly. The crowd is attractive yet sometimes filled with to many dudes. I have noticed a few fights but they are far and few in between. Over the pass few years the management of Ambers introduced a DJ. The music is very loud which pretty much ruined the social vibe of the bar. The bar itself is located in the middle of the establishment. The customers circle/surround the entire bar and there is an upstairs area also. The upstairs does get pretty warm at times depending on how many people are up there. Reserved parties are can be arranged in this area. Another bar is located upstairs so sometimes it’s easier just to make a trip up there to get your drink. Some of the bartenders are rude but out of the entire staff, it’s just a few bad apples. It’s a little surprising they are still there every time I visit so management isn’t reviewing that. I would say the drinks and food are affordable considering the area. It’s average in that regards. Tia Lous, for all your dancing needs, is located next door but does have a cover charge. There is no charge for Ambers and rarely a line which is nice.
The security team is respectful at closing which I appreciate. The other bars security in the area can be extremely rude (swearing at everyone to get out).

Ambers is located at: 2214 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121.
Yelp reviewers have described this bar as 2.5 (average). I would rate is higher for quality, being social, and location.

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