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New Paintings By Marcio Díaz

Opening First Thursday June 6, Marcio Díaz presents new work in Sensing Color, an exhibit at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle, Washington. These paintings reveal the different qualities of light and weather that captivated Diaz after his move to the Pacific Northwest.

There is more light in Nicaragua, but it makes everything flat,” he reflects. “In Nicaragua we react to the sun, not the rain. In the Pacific Northwest, I can see color deeply in the shadows. The distortion of the light by the rain and dew inspires me.

Díaz soaked up the influences around him in the Pacific Northwest, both in the landscape and from the local art community. “I never knew the depth of color until I moved to Seattle,” says Díaz. He began to experiment with abstraction and new painting techniques emerged. He moved towards a pointillist technique involving layering dripped bubbles and circles of paint, which became his popular Bubblism style.

His painting method is a bright-hued variation on the pointillism of Seurat, building an image from vibrant circles of color,” wrote Michael Upchurch in the Seattle Times. “The tensions between shimmer and almost-solid objects are exquisite.”

From the sunny, arid landscapes of Estelí to the lush tulip fields of SkagitValley, Díaz builds images through dappled brushstrokes and layers of shape. Sensing Color presents works in his signature Bubblism style, as well as new techniques that Díaz has been developing.

Sensing Color opens First Thursday June 6, 5-8pm, with the artist in attendance. In July, Díaz will offer a painting demonstration in the gallery on Thursday, July 11, 5-8pm (the official Pioneer   Square replacement date for 2013 First Thursday in July which falls on the 4th).

Exhibition Dates: June 6 – July 27, 2013

Opening/Artist Reception: First Thursday, June 6 5-8pm (During the First Thursday Artwalk)

Artist Demo and reception: Thursday, July 11, 5-8pm

Location: ArtXchange Gallery, 512   First Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 5:30 PM

Phone: 206-839-0377



Who is Marcio Díaz

From the landscapes of Estelí, Nicaragua, to the rain-drenched terrains of the Pacific Northwest, artist Marcio Díaz has journeyed both geographically and artistically. The profound shift in his surroundings awakened a newfound appreciation for the rich hues and tones found in Washington State. Díaz’s initial works showcased rural scenarios, radiating warmth intertwined with a touch of surreal allure. However, it was the rain-soaked panorama of his new home that prompted him to venture into abstract art, attempting to encapsulate the intense colors he witnessed.

Díaz’s prowess with the brush goes beyond just capturing scenes; he deftly conveys light, emotion, and the very essence of his subject. His technique, marked by intricate brushstrokes and layered nuances, offers viewers an immersive experience.

Over two decades, Díaz’s talent has not only matured but has also garnered significant accolades. Back in Nicaragua, he clinched numerous national art distinctions, earned accolades from the Ministry for the Cultural Advancement, and even hosted an art-centric television show. The U.S. saw him showcasing his masterpieces across the west coast and as far afield as Scottsdale and New York City. Despite his international acclaim, Díaz remains deeply rooted in his homeland. He revisits Nicaragua annually to display his creations, conduct art sessions, and nurtures a dream to establish an art institution for budding talents.

Marcio Diaz Paintings Seattle
Marcio Diaz new painting – Sensing Color History

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