The City of Seattle WA weather is so beautiful.  We have a clear division of seasons and each offers something unique.  Most visitors believe Seattle WA Weather is mostly rain and that is not necessarily true.  We do get rain but we are by far not the most rainy state.  During the summer months we typically range from 75-100 degrees and the local residents love it.  We fall rolls around you’ll notice the a freshness in the air and the same is true during the winter months.  Since the City of Seattle is surrounded by lots of green trees and gorgeous landscapes, you always feel part of the nature here all year around.  Washington State actually sells more sunglasses each year than any other state in the USA.

Seattle WA Weather is not for everyone.  If you only want the sun, then Seattle Washington is not for you because that is not our weather.  The weather here in Seattle is very seasonal and you must understand we have all the seasons Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter months.