Galt and Company has been a leader in corporate revitalization for over 20 years now. Co founded by M. Scott Gillis, this company has brought together minds that work constantly towards the betterment of corporate performance. The economic slowdown that the world has witnessed in the past few years has made companies think primarily about maintaining the bottom line. Very few have been concerned about the shareholder’s returns as the people who run the companies are looking to make more money by adopting new strategies. While this is very good for the development of the company, its share holders too need to be kept happy by showing them an increase in their share value.

It is here that companies like Galt and company and its senior team head M. Scott Gillis make a special impact. A company which focuses extensively on maximizing shareholder’s returns, Galt and Company has worked with many fortune 500 companies like Gillette and Alcan and been an integral energizer behind the revitalization of the companies’ strategies and outlook. Scott Gillis has been the moving force behind Galt and Company’s increasing presence as leading consultants on business modeling and profit generation for share holders.

An undergraduate in Geophysical Engineering and a graduate of the Harvard Business School, M. Scott Gillis combines his technical knowledge of how to unearth resources with great managerial skills. The result is a perfect balance of technical knowhow blended seamlessly with managerial expertise that works for the betterment of the company as a whole and the shareholder as an individual entity. He has been actively involved in the revitalization of all types of companies- banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care companies.

The most important contribution that a founder makes to a company is his vision for the company. How he perceives that vision and how well he is able to translate that vision into hard reality, depends a great deal on his ability to make the others on the team see the vision themselves. Galt and Company has met with great success over the past two decades as a management advisory firm that helps companies rediscover and re-energize themselves. This process of rediscovery and revitalization is based on the strategies and models that M. Scott Gillis and his team have worked to evolve. In today’s corporate world, companies need to be organized, have an agenda that all employees work towards and managers who are able to implement the agenda. They need to be aware of where profits are concentrated and why this happens just as they need to be able to think on their feet if and when any situation arises that may be out of the agenda.

Creating new business models and restructuring older ones to maximize future cash flows and generate economic profit are the leading areas of consultation that Scott Gillis and his team work on and provide solutions for.


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