Management Consultants have been the backbone of many corporate revivals in the past 15 years. If there are companies that have consistently performed well despite the downward slide of the world economy, it is primarily due to the immense contribution of management consultants. It is they who have devised ways to rise above the limitations of the time and shepherded the companies onto the road of success. Galt and Company is one of the most noted management advisories who have played an active part in the rejuvenation of many Fortune 100 companies. Companies like Coca Cola, Gillette, Clorox and Abbot Labs have all benefited from their association with Galt and Company and its Co Founder, Leroy Mergy.

Leroy Mergy has been a force to reckon with in most management circles for the past 16 years. His vast experience in the fields of resource allocation, business models creation, organization restructuring etc., have made him one of the most sought after consultants in these times of global slowdowns and corporate shutdowns. He has worked unceasingly to create a team of management consultants who have their fingers on the pulse of the markets and the necessary skill sets required to make the best of all opportunities provided.

One of the areas of focus that Leroy Mergy has specialized in is maximizing share holder returns. His focus has been on delivering consistently superior returns to share holders by following some basic principles. The process of delivering growing returns is dependent on in depth knowledge of cash flow management, economic profit pools, restructuring the organization and reallocation of resources. The process that has been developed by Mr. Leroy Mergy and his team of consultants has resulted in reviving the growth of many companies and creating new awareness of market shares and market earnings.

Many companies have benefited from the management advice that Leroy Mergy and his team have given them. They have worked on restructuring organizations and helped managers to successfully reallocate resources so that each company’s value has grown by a considerable percentage. They have been instrumental in enhancing the overall value of companies like Coco Cola, Abbot Labs, Bank of Montreal and Clorox. Where peer companies have shown only moderate or even negative value growth, Leroy Mergy and his team of consultants have shown that it is possible to enhance value even during these very economically stressful times.

The organizational and managerial skills that Mr. Leroy Mergy and his team bring to a company are legendary and they have been instrumental in many turnarounds in the corporate sector. They have created business models that have rejuvenated not just banks and pharmaceutical giants but also consumer goods giants. The impact that this premier group of people have had on companies may be gauged by the client feedback that has been recorded. Companies like Gillette have spoken of how this team of management consultants brings analytical vigor, practical implementation skills and a strategic insight which is one of the best in the world.