Joseph Shalleck is an accomplished businessman and advisor located in New York. His credentials are superb and his list of accomplishments would be the envy of many in his field. He has found a great match with Galt & Company, especially since they have a highly educated and highly motivated team of professionals who have extensive job experience in both the business consultation world, and the business management sector.

One of Joseph Shalleck’s biggest legacies, however, may be co-founding, and becoming a senior director of, Galt and Company. Through his, and his managing partners’, business knowledge, Mr. Joseph Shalleck was able to create a company that brought some of the best business consultants under one brand and one name. The importance of combining many great minds into one firm is obviously not lost on Joseph Shalleck, or anyone else at Galt and Company, from their different backgrounds and experiences, they are able to create a concentrated entity that excels at what they do. Galt and Company directors and consultants are able to pick apart the weaknesses of companies that hurt their shareholders, and instead redirect capital and other resources to areas where there is more profit to be made. Having a solid core of individuals who are able to do this, and have the experience to do this, is beneficial to everyone involved.