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Pay For The Port Chief

How much should Public Servants be paid? I think it should be capped at $100,000 to $120,000 except for the Gov. Chris Gregoire. She was paid $166,891 last year. She leads the state and should be paid the most(my opinion). We at least hear about her being on the go and know who she is. How many citizens would know who Tay Yoshitani is if you did a survey? His salary was $334, 300. He is the Port Chief. Evidently he could not squeak by on such a paltry sum and got a 9% raise. He now makes $366,825. The Port Commissioners gave themselves a 3.5% raise. The Port says it expects to get $73.5 million from our property taxes this year. Think of the gazillion dollars the Port handles and the pay checks they must hand out after taxing us out of our homes.

Most of the public service employees like us to believe they are slaving away (like slaves on a plantation) for us. That we should not hesitate to pay more tax and quit asking them what the heck they are really doing for us. There is no way the Port Chief can justify being paid $366,825 by taxpayers. If it were the private sector let them pay whatever they feel he is worth. There is not enough hours in a day for the Chief to do THAT MUCH GOOD FOR US.  There are a lot of really smart people looking for jobs that would gladly work for $100,000 or even $50,000. Why not hire 3 good ones at $100,000 each and one for $$66,825. or 6 good ones at $50,000 and one for $66,825. Let the chief retire on his $100,000 a year pension right now. Re do some contracts as you hire. The so called slaves are bankrupting the plantation at the moment. The state is broke and should almost be embarrasing for the Port.

Protected Class

 Is there such a thing as common sense anymore? I never was for giving protected class status to woman (I am one), minorities, gays or lesbians in jobs or housing. I think it should be entirely up to the landlord or boss as to who he wants to hire or rent to. Now they want to add convicted felons to the protected class. If I hadn’t read it in this mornings paper I would never have believed it. The paper describes a woman with a 20 year old rap sheet, theft, dealing meth, violating a restraining order. Just two years ago she pleaded guilty to multiple counts of identity theft and forgery. She now complains of having difficulty finding a place to live and a job, so she can take care of her daughter(must be entitled to a welfare check for that).

Why would the Office of Civil Rights(we taxpayers pay for that) try to push a law that actually wipes out the Rental Research business of checking renters past history of evictions, paying rent on time, or criminal history.

Firing So Called Public Servants

The firing of Maria Goodloe-Johnson really brought things to light that I doubt taxpayers ever knew. First her salary was more than double what it should have been compared to the private sector.  This proves that saying  you have to pay a bloated salary to get good help does not work. She really screwed up by saying that the 1.8 million(that we know about) was so far down the line she knew nothing about it shows she was completely out of touch.

To rub salt in our wound they have to pay her full salary and benefits for a whole year. If a private sector worker is fired and is making $20,000 or so a year, someone will just come hand him/her a box and stand there until they pack their personal belongings and then walk them to the door.

She has not been at work(at the job I should say) for quite awhile and now will get a whole years vacation for doing a rotten job. In a real world she should have to pay back what she LOST FOR THE DISTRICT  and some penalties or go to jail. She should not be rewarded.

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