Club13 A Newcomer’s Guide To The Kratom-Verse

You’ve seen the charts with the little gold stars that outline specific benefits of the different strains of kratom – Red Bali gets two stars for stimulating and five stars for pain relief, Maeng Da gets five stars for stimulating and enhancing mood but only two stars for pain relief, Ultra Indo gets five stars for pain relief and mood enhancement and two stars for pain relief. But can any of this information be trusted? The answer is: it depends where you read it and who you speak with. Different consumers have different experiences and there isn’t any true guidelines on how it may help you or not. Companies are not allowed to speak of their results, however, many customers have spoken about how great they have been for them.

Club13 Herbals is a Kratom company located in St. Augustine, Florida. Their website sells pure Kratom powdered and capsules. Their products are lab tested to make sure everything is free of contaminants. Learn more about Kratom and here on the Emerald City Journal.

Much of what you get out of Kratom depends on what your goal is going in. Calling Club13 customer service was very helpful to me. So are you looking for an alternative to prescription medication? Are you looking for a relaxing feeling after a long day? Are you looking for a companion to your morning cup of coffee that will provide a jolt of energy as you start the day off right? Some users online have expressed it helps.

When I first began researching Kratom, I wanted it all. I’ve long had chronic pain from peripheral neuropathy, and I was looking for relief. I was also looking for something to balance my mood, and a boost or energy is always nice, as is relaxation. I’ve heard that Kratom could be the solution so I looked and researched the Internet. I found the Club13 Herbals website.

My multiple needs led me to Green Bali for its multiple benefits, and I had pretty much stuck to that until recently. I was happy with its effects, it worked for me on several levels.

But I realized recently there was no harm in experimenting, and after some more reading decided to try Red Vein Maeng Da because of positive reports on its ability to stimulate and add energy to your day without making it hard to sleep at night.

Going in, I was kind of convinced that any difference in effect would be minimal. I didn’t think my kratom-ometer was refined enough to tell the difference in strains. Hey, I used to drink wine out of a box.

But the first time I swallowed a few capsules of the Red Vein Maeng Da, I knew right away that it was different. It was energizing, it was vibrant, it had just a tinge of euphoria glittering around the edges, but it was very smooth. Caffeine makes me jittery at times, kratom did not.

My lovely wife has tried kratom a couple of times. She found the Green Bali sedating and wasn’t a fan.I offered her a few Red Vein Maeng Da capsules, and an hour later I could tell by her delighted laughter that she enjoyed it. She said it was stimulating and just made her feel good.

So there you go. Turns out reading or looking at a chart only gets you so far. Words are helpful, but they’re just words. We need to branch out, experiment, try new things for ourselves. Try different vendors like Club13 and ask questions if needed.

That’s how I found kratom in the first place, and as a neophyte kratomnaut I’m going to try a white-veined variety next. I’ll let you know what I think.

How about you? What strain of kratom works for you, and why? What other strains have you tried, and to what effect?

And, most importantly, what are you going to try next?

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