Hardwood Flooring In Seattle

There is nothing better than a clean house and a clean floor. If you have carpet through out your house, you know after a while the carpet starts to wear down and maybe even starts to smell. We live in Seattle so I know what I am talking about. This weather, dirt, and animals can do some damage. Many families have pets and that animal smell just doesn’t go way. Hardwood flooring has been proven to stay cleaner and last longer than carpet. With hardwood flooring in Seattle, your condo or house gives you a better living environment. The hardwood flooring can be cleaned in just a few minutes with a broom where as it would take 15-20 min with carpet. Then you would also have to deal with the dirty vacuum bags after.

When selecting the right company to install your hardwood flooring in Seattle, make sure you ask the right questions and see some examples of wood flooring types. There are many types to consider like maple, oak, and even bamboo flooring. You’ll want to ask them what their experience is and how long the job is going to take. If using an independent hardwood flooring installer you may even want to get an Agreement in place to make sure you get things in writing.

They say carpet lasts about 7 years so it can be a heft price for home ownership. You can only clean it so much then it just continues to look dirty even after cleaning it. We are so happy with our new hardwood floors and they should last the lifetime of our home. We probably will have to treat them (sanding etc) at some point but that is going to be a long time down the road. I also have asthma so our home is just more sanitary/clean with the hardwood flooring which helps me personally.

Here are some of the top hardwood flooring cleaning companies in Seattle Washington.

Weaver Remodeling – Kirkland, WA

Marx Construction – Seattle, WA

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