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President Franklin D Roosevelt great depression

Lilly Marek: Great Depression and the Barter System

Once upon time a long time ago a little girl was born in the little town of Victor Montana. Population 250 (some people said the census bureau that came through must have included the dogs too, lol).  This is not meant to be my life's story, but since I was born in 1923 right before what they called the "great depression" and grew up during the depression I thought you … [Read More...]

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Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray

Sharia Faith and Laws

I have tried to steer away from writing about religion or homosexuality in my previous writing's. I believe each person has a right to believe how they want. But all … [Read More...]

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Seattle Council should use El Chapo's team to dig tunnel

Seattle Council Letter About Big Bertha

Dear City of Seattle Councilmembers, Looks like Big Bertha news hit the paper again. This morning they admitted that the water main replacement is tied to damage … [Read More...]

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Hiking Fragrance Lake from Seattle, WA

The Hiking Trail to Fragrance Lake

My cousin Damon is the go-to guy when it comes to finding good trails. Most of the time we plan two to three-day backpacking trips, but when doesn’t allow I can always call on him for a day hike that is worth my while. Fragrance Lake is no exception. Located … [Read More...]

Hiking Enchanted Valley Seattle

Enchanted Valley: The Best Trail in the Pacific Northwest

“Are there bears?” I asked my cousin Damon. “I’ve been there two times and I’ve never seen a bear.” he replied, laughing. I had been on several hikes with Damon before, but never overnight. This would be my first overnight backpacking trip and we were … [Read More...]

Perry Rogers PR Partners Firm

Perry Rogers: How the Internet Has Changed Public Relations

The nature of marketing is changing. Not only is it getting more complex, but the growth is happening at an alarming rate. Identifying the nature of each marketing job is nearly impossible, and journalists and Internet experts are as involved as marketing as … [Read More...]

First Time Married by Dr. Robi Ludwig

Dr. Robi Ludwig: Getting Married? Here is What to Expect, Statistically

Disney movies seem to have the whole “romance equals marriage” thing figured out. What Disney movies fail to include in their happy-go-lucky outlook is that marriage, at times, can be work. Watching Prince Charming kiss Snow White to wakefulness may make you … [Read More...]

Prince Charming Factor Dating

Relationship Advice: The Prince Charming Factor?

Dr. Robi Ludwig was interviewed by Fox News's producer and online contributor for, Ashley Papa Twitter, about the psychology behind the Prince Charming Syndrome. This syndrome is when women creates a romanticized ideal of what love should … [Read More...]

Seattle Car Tabs Taxes

Car Tabs With The Seattle Council

I thought the City Council worked FOR the voting public. I thought your job was to get the best deal for the taxpayer dollars. I guess I was wrong about that because we were definitely hood winked into passing a $60.00 car tab fee that was to improve transit. … [Read More...]

Fixing issues with poverty message

Combating Poverty, The Challenge of Lack Message

I was just listening to the President’s remarks on poverty and felt compelled to put my ideas on paper. I remember the rap group Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT) once penned the words: “[If] you lack, you lose, you lose, you lost the knowledge of yourself. And if … [Read More...]

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Get great news & updates delivered straight to your inbox!  All the cook kids in Seattle are doing it.  Just a click away..Sign Up Now.

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