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Seattle Park Measure

Prop. 1, Seattle Park District Measure

DO NOT TAKE POWER AWAY FROM THE VOTERS!!!!!!! This is a terrible way to fund parks. Every one loves a park. Voters have generously passed a parks levy every six years. Seattle is pro-parks. Prop 1 isn't a replacement of the existing parks levy. With the support of Mayor Ed Murray, Proposition 1 proposes a new PERMANENT taxing authority controlled by the City Council. We … [Read More...]

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Seattle City Lights

Letter To Seattle Council City Light CEO

My letter to the Seattle council.... Sounds like someone got their wires crossed at City Light. Please delay your vote on the stupid stupid raise for the CEO of … [Read More...]

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Seattle Sonics

Steve Ballmer & Chris Hansen Playing Games With Seattle

We've heard about Chris Hansen and his goal of getting an NBA team in Seattle. One member of his investor group is Steve Ballmer who is the X-CEO of Microsoft. The … [Read More...]

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Seattle Minimum Wages Increase to 15 per hour

Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wages – Passes

On Monday with a 9-0 vote the Seattle Council voted to pass and increase the minimum way to $15 per hour. This makes the minimum wage in Seattle the highest in the nation. The increase in wages will be a slowly phased into Seattle over several years. … [Read More...]

Has America Changed It's Standards

Has America Changed?

This is an interesting read. Written by Ken Huber - he does make some interesting points about American and what it has become. Our apologies for the small print in the article. He makes several comparisons which will open your mind and perhaps cause … [Read More...]

Seattle Smith Tower

Smith Tower

It's one of tallest and most respected icons in Seattle - The Smith Tower. In fact it has stood in Pioneer Square for over 100 years now. The building itself is 38 stories high and was completed in 1914. The Smith Tower is the oldest in the city and until … [Read More...]

Seattle Micro Housing

Seattle Micro-Housing

The Seattle Council is considering allowing micro-housing in the city. If you're not in the loop of what micro-housing is exactly it's a much smaller option of living. Typically they are the size of a bedroom and they have common areas like kitchens and … [Read More...]

Seattle 4th Most Read City Education

Seattle Ranked 4th For Best Readership

According to Amazon.com, Seattle is ranked 4th for the best read city. Alexandria, Virginia topped the list. Now don't let this confuse you and think Seattle is the smartest city... it just means we read a lot. It does make sense because we are coffee town … [Read More...]

Obama OSO Landslide Visit

Questions About President Obama’s Visit To OSO

I felt the need to do a follow up about the multi million dollar waste of money for President Obama to come visit the people of OSO. It was just photo shoot with Susan, Patty and Maria. But now that all that money has been squandered I want to ask if he … [Read More...]

Steve Utash Detroit

Steve Utash, White Detroit Tree Trimmer

What makes a crime a hate crime? According to the news reports (or lack of reports) President Obama, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, anything said or done toward a black person is a hate crime, all hell breaks loose. Every major … [Read More...]