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Prince Charming Factor Dating

Relationship Advice: The Prince Charming Factor?

Dr. Robi Ludwig was interviewed by Fox News's producer and online contributor for FoxbusinessNews.com, Ashley Papa Twitter, about the psychology behind the Prince Charming Syndrome. This syndrome is when women creates a romanticized ideal of what love should look like and they either end up in the wrong relationship or no relationship at all. Often times, the person is … [Read More...]

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Seattle Car Tabs Taxes

Car Tabs With The Seattle Council

I thought the City Council worked FOR the voting public. I thought your job was to get the best deal for the taxpayer dollars. I guess I was wrong about that … [Read More...]

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Fixing issues with poverty message

Combating Poverty, The Challenge of Lack Message

I was just listening to the President’s remarks on poverty and felt compelled to put my ideas on paper. I remember the rap group Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT) once … [Read More...]

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Mayweather Pacquiao Rematch Fight

Mayweather vs Pacquiao The Rematch

                          It was a record amount of money and that was about it. All hype. The fight itself was played out as expected. Floyd Mayweather … [Read More...]

Bruce Jenner Women Photo

Bruce Jenner TV Appearance

I'm sure you know by now that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a women. It's been on the news for months now and finally Diane Sawyer sat down with him for the exclusive interview. The interview was watched by over 16.9 million viewers. 20/20 has been … [Read More...]

Loloz Healthy Teeth Lemon Product

Seattle-Based Loloz: A Lollipop Dentists Can Get Behind

Healthy teeth and lollipops aren’t something you tend to associate with one another.  And yet, a new product might be the natural alternative to costly cavities and gum disease. Loloz, made by HealthyGrid, is a new line of sugar-free, cavity-fighting … [Read More...]

Star Trek Convention Seattle

Can Romulans ever live together with Vulcans? – The case for a one state solution

Since time immemorial there have been two races of beings living almost identical lives yet they have been kept apart by their ideological differences. It’s hard to say who among them was the first as in all honesty they both have existed on the same parcel of … [Read More...]

Hillary Clinton Hiding Her Emails From Public

Hillary’s Emails vs. Troy Kelley, State Auditor

This article is not about democrats or republicans. It's about who has to obey laws and who doesn't. No country can operate where the laws are not enforced evenly. For example: If you did not declare some deal on your income tax (or if the IRS dreamed it … [Read More...]

St Paddy's Day 2015 Fun Times Photo

Time For Fun It’s St Paddy’s Day!

                  It's that time of year to be Irish. If you're not Irish just fake it like everyone else! It's a day to have fun and meet new people. St Paddy's Day is one of my favorite … [Read More...]

Naveen Jain Photo

Naveen Jain Biography

Born as Naveen K. Jain on Sept. 6th 1959. As a child he grew up in or around the villages of Uttar Pradest, Roorkee, as well as the New Delhi, India. Education was very important to him and in 1979 he graduated with an engineering degree from the Indian … [Read More...]