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Reducing Energy Bills At Home

Reducing Your Energy Bills At Home

Reducing your energy bills is a big issue for many these days. This is especially true because Seattle Utilities and Puget Sound Energy just keeps raising their rates on us. What are we going to do except continue to play their game and pay the increases each month and year. As a city, there isn't much we can do about this. They have a monopoly on the energy so we are … [Read More...]

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Seattle Police Force Photo

Randy Jokela Back On The Job Writing Pot Tickets

Just a quick follow-up on the article about Randy Jokela who is the top pot ticket writer on the Seattle police force. The police force didn't see the value in … [Read More...]

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Seattle Utility Rates Increasing

Seattle Utility Rates Increasing

It's that time of year. The time of year the Seattle council and utility companies claim poverty or increased inflation to demand rate increases. Now it's a done … [Read More...]

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Affordable Healthcare Issues

The Major Issue With Healthcare

As you know there are a lot of issues with Obamacare (affordable healthcare act). The biggest issue being the monthly fees and deductibles. I truly believe most people want to be healthy and have the luxury of a good healthcare program, however, the fees are … [Read More...]

Smart Energy Today Mission Statement

Smart Energy Today – Olympia Washington

With all the news of energy costs going up in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, we need solutions to combat this. Being a homeowner, I know my rates are constantly increasing yet I've done nothing to move into using more smart energy solutions. This … [Read More...]

Seattle Police Smoking Pot Tickets

Seattle Cop Doesn’t Like Pot!

As you know Washington State continues to delay the full release of the new marijuana laws. Slowly we are making steps in the right direction when it comes to the licenses and retail stores being allowed to sell it. It's just taking forever and the state has … [Read More...]

Seattle Park Measure

Prop. 1, Seattle Park District Measure

DO NOT TAKE POWER AWAY FROM THE VOTERS!!!!!!! This is a terrible way to fund parks. Every one loves a park. Voters have generously passed a parks levy every six years. Seattle is pro-parks. Prop 1 isn't a replacement of the existing parks levy. With the … [Read More...]

Seattle City Lights

Letter To Seattle Council City Light CEO

My letter to the Seattle council.... Sounds like someone got their wires crossed at City Light. Please delay your vote on the stupid stupid raise for the CEO of City Light. He was already getting a whopping 245,000. He is the highest paid city employee. … [Read More...]

Best personality traits for a seattle manager

Mark Hurd Being An Effective Manager

We've all experienced bad mangers in our careers.  Seattle is a fast paced environment and every company is looking for the fastest and best employee.  However, often times their expectations or egos get in their way of managing others. This is a great … [Read More...]

Seattle Sonics

Steve Ballmer & Chris Hansen Playing Games With Seattle

We've heard about Chris Hansen and his goal of getting an NBA team in Seattle. One member of his investor group is Steve Ballmer who is the X-CEO of Microsoft. The plan has simple we come to the people and get their support and with a little help from them … [Read More...]