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Washington State Transportation Tunnel Failure

Seattle Council Follow-Up

To Emerald City Journal: I just read your good article you wrote about the tunnel. I wrote a letter that went to every city council member the morning they were supposed to get the real "scoop" from DOT. Well they got the real scoop except it was the kind you need a scoop shovel to get rid or and it "stinks". Not one member on the council responded to me after the … [Read More...]

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Seattle Council Email About Tunnel Project Failure

Letter To Council About Failed Tunnel Project (No Response)

To:; council@seattle.gov Subject: Tunnel Hate to say," I told you so", but the Tunnel mess is really coming to light. How many more billions are you going to … [Read More...]

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Seattle Driving Tax Pay Per Mile

New Seattle Driver Tax Pending – Pay Per Mile

A measure is on the table and is expected to be approved by the Washington State Transportation Commission. In short, this new pilot program (trial) would require … [Read More...]

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Seattle Tunnel Project Big Bertha

Seattle Tunnel Project More Troubles

The troubles continue with Big Bertha. We've talked about the issues many times on the Emerald City Journal and really we are just beating a dead horse on this one. You can read about more Big Bertha troubles here. It was reported that the city is starting to … [Read More...]

Seattle Internet for the homeless

Internet Connection For The Homeless

Seattle council member Kshama Sawant is pushing the need to get Internet access for the homeless. She wants to allowcate $100,000 of Seattle funds to make this mission a success. The debate on the issue is simple. Some believe that the homeless have bigger … [Read More...]

Joseph Tacopina

Joseph Tacopina Biography

Attorney Joseph Tacopina was born 4/14/66. He is a criminal defense attorney based in New York. In 1994 he founded his law firm the Law Offices of Joseph Tacopina, P.C. and he is also the chairman of the Bologna Football Club. By the time Joe Tacopina was 42 … [Read More...]

Washington State Parks

State Parks Wanting More Money To Survive

I believe having our state parks in good shape and available for the public is a great thing. I'm sure they have provided many family memories over the years and continue to do so. If you don't know the Governor appointed a task force which makes suggestions … [Read More...]

Seattle Recycle Your Food Or Get Fined

Recycle Your Food Or Get Fined

I've said it a hundreds times before on the Emerald City Journal, the Seattle Council and our government for that matter sits around all day thinking of new ways to tax us "legally". Here is another one they just came up with. First, before I get into my … [Read More...]


Dr. Robi Ludwig

Dr. Robi S Ludwig is a nationally renowned modern psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist, award winning author and a reporter. Being a well-known psychotherapist, she deals with both adults’ and couples’ issues. She is inspiring directing people to find … [Read More...]

Reducing Energy Bills At Home

Reducing Your Energy Bills At Home

Reducing your energy bills is a big issue for many these days. This is especially true because Seattle Utilities and Puget Sound Energy just keeps raising their rates on us. What are we going to do except continue to play their game and pay the increases … [Read More...]