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Michael Bloomberg Banning Soda Pop

A perfect example of someone wasting our tax money as a politician.  Out of everything that needs to be fixed in this country (and NYC), Michael Bloomberg figured he would start banning large soda pops.  I guess it must be nice to sit around all day and not fix a damn thing that is really important.  A law that he figured wouldn’t put his head on the chopping block may have backfired.  As you know most politicians these days focus on the things (or create new things) that don’t put them in the line of fire.  They like to sit back and think of things that generate revenue but are not currently in place.  A few good examples would be photo lights, speeding lights, hotel room taxes, seat belt laws, plastic bag tax etc.  So the “genius” Michael Bloomberg creates a ban on large soda pop.  Well done! Like I said, another example of a “play it safe” politician. Keep Reading

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