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There are many news agencies in Seattle.  Many, however, are very casual when it comes to their Seattle News.  They don’t want to push the topic and make people really think.  Seattle news at the Emerald City Journal is straight and often made to make you think.  Many make like or not like our Seattle news and we are ok with that.  We just want our site visitors to think differently about Seattle news.  We believe news should be delivered to make you think about change in the City Of Seattle.

We have much of the Seattle news needs to be delivered so people can actually follow-up with their city representatives and make changes.  Right now with many of the Seattle news agency’s you can’t do that because you don’t get all the facts and numbers.

If you want to be educated and view Seattle news differently give the Emerald City Journal and visit.  Our breaking news and hardcore facts will make you think differently about how Seattle news is delivered today.