Amongst the most popular corporate advisory bodies is Galt and Company and it co founder, Mr. Leroy Mergy. The economic downturn of most economies across the world has forced many institutions and companies to do a rethink on the way they envision the future of the company. Corporate survival in these days of uncertainty is dependent on how fast the companies can adapt to and work with the constantly changing scenarios. Most companies seek advisory bodies to help them work through these times.

Leroy Mergy is well known in corporate circles as the force behind the face of Galt and Company. In, the business for more than 16 years, Leroy Mergy has changed the way companies have organized themselves to help them become more profitable and revenue generating. A Yale graduate in public policy management, he has been a pioneer in the field of rejuvenation and execution of corporate goals. He along with his senior team of management consultants has scripted new business models which have become exceptionally successful. These business models have been structured to handle the present day economic stress and are based on the premise that if sufficient effort is put in, then returns will be ensured.

Leroy Mergy and his philosophy of corporate survival is seen in his ability to understand the need of the hour. He implores corporate managers to rise above the immediate situations by restructuring goals and organizations to suit present day needs. Restructuring, according to him, is the first step towards rejuvenation of any business. Once the management is able to redefine their concept of winning, they will find it easy to reassess and to adjust to the new conditions. His firm belief is that companies that recognize the economic environment, act upon its demands and accept that these are not times of great returns will fare very well.

Mr. Mergy believes that to initiate the progress forward, corporate houses have to understand the concentration of their cash flow and see where and why the cash flows are concentrated thus. This helps the corporate to create an agenda of priorities that will become the plan of the company’s movement forward. Leroy Mergy uses his education and years of experience to speak of how it is very essential that no false sense of comfort be conveyed to the people who work for the company and the people who have invested in the company.

Resource allocation is one of the fields that Mr. Leroy Mergy is an expert in. He believes that all levels of management must recognize that material success is possible only if there is a fundamental reallocation of resources. Lee Mergy bases his findings on the fact that small changes will result only in short time benefits and if large scale benefits are to be seen, and reiterates that there has to be a disciplined approach to resource generation and allocation. He strongly advises Corporate houses to realize that consistent success is not about getting revenues but about garnering a share of the market profits and maintaining a competitive edge over other peer companies.