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Liquor Board

Washington State Liquor Control Board

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is an agency that to control and regulate alcohol and tobacco. They believe is fair administration of the laws of Washington State. It’s main purpose is to provide public safety in regards to alcohol and tobacco both the responsibility of selling it and enforcing it’s misuse.

Board Members
As of 2013, the board members of the Washington State Liquor Control Board are Sharon Foster (Board Chair). Sharon Foster was a registered self employed lobbyist with many clients under her belt. She was appointed to the board back in Aug. 2009. Ruthann Kurose (Board Member) lives in Mercer Island and was appointed to the Liquor Control Board in Jan. 2007.  She has a history of working with Washington DC when it comes congressional legislative policies. Chris Marr (Board Member) lives in Spokane and was appointed to the board back in Feb. 2011. Previously, he was a Senator for the 6th District in Spokane Washington. He was a Senator from 2006-2010. He also served on the Transportation Committee and Majority Whip. Chris Marr has over 20 years of management experience with the Foothills Auto Group (Spokane), Ford, and McDonald’s.

Washington State also has a Board for Tribal Members. Some of these members include Jeanne Jerred, Jerry Allen, Jim Becker, Michael Wernz, Chris Masse, Henry Cagey, Toni McCullough, Ravnell Zuni, plus many more (27 in total).

Why the Washington State Liquor Control Board was created?
The WA State Liquor Board was created to enhance public safety in regards to the sale and misuse of alcohol and tobacco.

How to get a liquor license in Washington State?
In short, a liquor license is an added endorsement to your business license. Washington State business licenses are issued by the Department of Revenue Business License Service. After you have the business license you can apply for a liquor license. Ultimately, the Washington State Liquor Board will decide to approve or deny your license.

Types of liquor licenses available?
There are 2 types of liquor licenses these include Retail and Non-retail Licenses.

Washington State Liquor Control Board yearly revenue
In 2012, the gross revenue generated was $1,062,000,000 dollars. The net revenue returned the City, State, and Local Government was $448.70 million dollars. Out of that revenue $74.5 million dollars actually went to the cities & counties. Education & Prevention received $8 million. The bulk of the revenue was placed into a general fund which was $364.7 million dollars.

Marijuana regulations in Washington State
With the passing of initiative I-502 (2012), Marijuana is now legal in Washington State. Regulation of marijuana will be enforced by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. The law follows some the alcohol laws in that you must be 21 years of age to have marijuana on your person. You are allowed to have one once legally. You are allowed to have it on you but you’re not allowed to open it, show it, or use it in public. In the event, you are caught using marijuana in public it will be civil meaning you’ll be ticketed (not arrested).

Top news about the Washington State Liquor Control Board from the Emerald City Journal

How the Washington State Liquor Control Board is wasting money.  They are basically just burning it and they continue to lose money.

The Liquor Control Board shows its power.  The nightlife initiative approved by voters and the Seattle Council but denied by liquor control board.

It’s a good thing they are out of business.  Now liquor in Washington state goes private and there is going to be an auction.

May 16, 2012, new details were released from the Washington State Liquor Board regarding the legalization of marijuana. Seattle Postive Review

I enjoy the Seattle nightlife scene.  Particularly I enjoy Belltown.  Some of my favorite hot spots are Ambers, Belltown Pub, Tia Lous, and some of the areas sport bars.  It’s a fun friendly vibe mostly.  Of course the Seattle liquor board failed us should have passed the curfew and expanding the nightlife hours, however, it is what is at this point.  I recently had a friend get a DUI and what a mess it was for him.  I rarely drink myself and never drive when I do, however, with the hours if you are going to drink it’s hard to make it work logistically.  The clubs/bars throw you out at about 1:50am with no where to go.  Thousands of drunks hit the streets and drive home. Even if the clubs would just stay open to serve just food (liquor board giving them that opportunity) with no alcohol – it would clean up the city and drunk driving.  It would have a bigger effect then any drunk driving ads they could produce or pay for.

After his DUI issue and random pullover & check by the office who pulled him over (with a .09). He challenged the ruling paying over 10k in fees and got it dropped to a reckless driving which I guess is the normal protocol for a first time offender.  So we have been just staying in Seattle using  You can get last minute rooms for a fairly good price.  There is uncertainty with the service by not knowing which hotel they are going to give you (your stuck with their choice) but overall the experience has been good and affordable for two people splitting the costs.

If you’re planning on going to Seattle and going to drink even a little I highly recommend that you try out Seattle  My experience and review has been postive using them.

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