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Terrorist Attack

Slow Release Of Libya Attack Info

As reported here on the Journal, we were one of the first to report the terrorist attack in Libya.  The Obama Administration was dramatically slow with the details.  The attack details were known early.. really early… by the intelligence community.  The Obama Administration then came out with excuses. The excuses included a video insulting the Mohammad which was false.  While being pressed, the Administration said they are still gathering information regarding the event and the details would be released soon.   The final result and conclusion was that they finally admitted several days later. It was of course a terrorist attack admitted by the Obama Administration.

The slow release and delay of information has to make me wonder what their plan was.  I can’t help but to think it was to help his re-election. Obviously the longer it takes for the public to figure it out the less the damage would be to him.  If they came out right away on the Anniversary of September 11th saying we had a terrorist attack would have dramatically cause unknown damage to Obama’s chances of re-election.  How long did it take them to figure out the 9/11 tower attacks in NYC.. a few hours.  It’s just a little to shady for me by the Obama Administration.

September 11 Attacks In Libya

Yesterday obviously was Sept 11th and a day many Americans remember fondly.  It was also a secret attack in Libya focusing on the U.S Embassy in Libya.  At this time, the details are sketchy, however, we do know the attack was sophisticated, took planning, and happened to fall on the same day September 11th 2012.

The attack took the life of Christopher Stevens (52) which is the U.S ambassador to Libya and 3 other Americans.  The events took place at night in the eastern city of Benghazi.

Because this event was highly coordinated and perfectly timed for 9/11, I believe we’ll soon see that this was a anniversary attack and the news will report it as such.  We’ve been talking about such an attack for years from Al Qaeda and here it is.

The Obama administration has stated that they are not jumping to conclusions and saying so would be “premature”, however, I am calling a duck a duck and saying it now that this was a well-planned terrorist attack.

Wait for the news to say it because it’s coming out soon.

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