Welcome to the Seattle City Council Members contact page. If you’d like to share you question or feedback directly to the Seattle Council you can do so with the information we have provided below.

If you’re not aware the City of Seattle is ran by a group of elected Members who make all the laws. They also have the power to adjust, decline, or approve the City’s budget. Seattle was incorporated for the second time on December 2, 1869. If you are passionate about making changes in Seattle, then you need to bring your issue to the Council for debate and then they can decide if a change is needed.

If you’d like to send a piece of mail via standard mail the Council’s address is:
Seattle City Council
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025

You can bulk email all of the Council Members at the same time by using this email address below. If you question/s are directed to all the members this is your best option. Since it goes to everyone below it will save you sometime. council@seattle.gov

If you’d like to contact a Council Member individually, you can use their direct information below.

Sally Bagshaw
Position:  Council Member 4
Started The Position:  2010
Term:  2010-2013
Phone:  206.684.8801
Email:  sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov

Tim Burgess
Position:  Council Member 7 (Council President)
Started The Position:  2008
Term:  2012-2015
Phone:  206.684.8806
Email:  tim.burgess@seattle.gov

John Okamoto
Position: Council Member 9
Started The Position: 2015
Term: 2015-2015
Phone: 206.684.8802
Email: john.okamoto@seattle.gov

Jean Godden
Position:  Council Member 1
Started The Position: 2004
Term:  2012-2015
Phone:  206.684.8807
Email: jean.godden@seattle.gov

Bruce Harrell
Position:  Council Member 3
Started The Position:  2008
Term:  2012-2015
Phone:  206.684.8804
Email: bruce.harrell@seattle.gov

Nick Licata
Position:  Council Member 6
Started The Position:  1998
Term: 2014-2015
Phone:  206.684.8803
Email: nick.licata@seattle.gov

Mike O’Brien
Position:  Council Member 8
Started The Position:  2010
Term:  2014-2013
Phone:  206.684.8800
Email: mike.obrien@seattle.gov

Tom Rasmussen
Position:  Council Member 5
Started The Position:  2004
Term:  2012-2015
Phone:  206.684.8808
Email: tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov

Kshama Sawant
Position: Council Member 2
Started The Position: 2014
Term: 2014-2015
Phone: 206.684.8016
Email: kshama.sawant@seattle.gov

** Download the history of all Seattle Council Members since 1946 (Excel Doc.)

How do I write my Council Members?
You have several options to reach out to the current Seattle Council Members. Above you’ll find a bulk mailing list email which connects/sends to all the members at the same time. You can just send an email to that and every one of the Members will receive it. Another option is to connect with them on an individual basis with their specific email noted above. You should try to direct your question to the specific Member who handles that specific issue (such as housing or energy for example). Email is probably you best bet for contacting them and will most likely get you the fastest response. Lastly, you can snail mail them at their mailing address above or try giving them a call. If you call, you’ll most likely have to leave a message with the hope they return you message eventually. With email, at least you’ll have a record and can follow-up if needed. If you expect a response it’s important you state your issue and be respectful obviously. I’m sure they get a lot of questions and Seattle residents reaching out to them so don’t be surprised if your response is a canned response or template. It’s happened to us several times.

Where do I find all the current issues they are debating in the Council?
The City of Seattle Council page is actually designed quite well. You can find it here and they do list the items/issues they are currently debating or talking about between the Members. On that page, you can also research past issues they have discussed if wanted.

How are the Council Members elected and what are their term lengths?
There are a few rules to be able to run for the Seattle Council. You obviously need to be a US citizen which is a requirement for any office in Washington State. You’ll also need to be a registered voter in Seattle at the time you file your declaration that you’ll be running. As far as term lengths go, their elections are held biennially only on even number years. Elected Members have a term length of 4 years and the President serves 2 years. Changes in the Members happen during the first Council meeting in June during that election period. There are a total of 9 seats on the Council. Maybe there is a one for you!

When and where are the Council meetings held?
Almost all of the Council meetings are held at Seattle’s City Hall in the Council Chambers room. The exact address is: 600 Fourth Ave. 2nd Floor, Seattle, Washington 98104. Hours and more information can be found here. You’ll want to reach out to them for the specific activities but their schedule is very active and meetings happen just about everyday of the week. Some meetings are private while others are open to the public.

Seattle City Council salary information
The Emerald City Journal is about transparency. We believe if everyone is going to accountable and really wants the support of the public then everything needs to be in the open. It’s not just Council salaries but every topic. Knowing where the money is being spent in an itemized format would solve many of the issues we debate about all the time. We expressed our concerns with Council salaries many times on the Emerald City Journal because honestly it’s just too much. As of September 28, 2010 the Council Members salaries were approximately $117,533.52 per year. In 2012, when several Members were re-elected their salaries increased to $119,976.48. In 2015, it’s expected to be about the same figure as well. We are ranked as being one of the highest in the nation for Council salaries paid.

(Updated: 8/5/2015)