The Emerald City Journal proudly welcomes you to our Seattle Arts & Creativity section. In this section you will find many of the odds and ends that just didn’t fit into our standard news area. From street art, poetry, Seattle zines, and authors the Seattle Arts & Creativity section helps spread the word about all the amazing talent we have in Seattle.

This is a place for everyone. As you know everyone has a voice (and opinion) on the Emerald City Journal and we want this section to be the same. This section is random and raw. Filled with concepts, sophisticated sketches, to heart felt poetry of a person with a broken heart. We believe art is something that is created with skill and/or pure imagination. It maybe internal to the artist or creatively created to share with the World.

If you’re open to sharing your art and creativity with the World, email us at (include your original post/content and images also if available). We would love to feature them here (and you) on the Emerald City Journal.


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