Wine Each Day Can Boost Lung Function?

Drinking Wine Healthy Living Benefits

I must tell you I love my wine. I’ve always heard that a glass a day is actually good for you. Living in Seattle, I’ve been to all the wine bars (black bottle is my favorite) and wine tasting events.

However, did you know that a glass of white wine each day can supposedly boost lung function?

Dr Holger Schunemann of the University of Buffalo in the United States of America questioned around 1500 adults about their drinking habits and performed lung function tests. He surmised that people who drank white wine had greater lung function than those who consumed red wine, but both groups had greater lung function than non-wine

Another study carried out at Harvard University links lung function with happy thoughts. A group of 670 men, followed up over an average of eight years, had less decline in lung function with age if they were classed as optimists. Pessimists had 4% lower lung function scores.

Perhaps the moral of the story therefore, is to be content with our favorites. Think nice thoughts, be nice, live well…we will live longer and die happy!

Reference: Pharmaceutical Journal May 25th 2002

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