Greedy Indian Publisher Charges Authors and Readers, Requires Copyright Transfer


Research India Publications (also misspelled as Research India Publication) is a massive subscription publisher based in Delhi, India. It publishes over 180 journals, and you have to pay if you want to read them — or publish in them.

That’s correct — this is a toll-access (subscription) publisher that also charges authors to publish in its journals. Worse, it even requires authors to transfer copyright of their articles to the publisher.

The publisher also lies to authors, telling them that their work will be open access, claiming, “All abstracts and full text available free on-line to all main Universities / institutions worldwide.” But this isn’t true. If you try to access the content, you are asked for a login and password.

Because it’s a subscription publisher, Research India Publications is not on my list, which includes only open-access publishers. Still, in my opinion, scholars should not submit papers to commercial publishers that charge both authors for submission and readers for access, especially publishers like this one that also require copyright transfer.

I strongly recommend that all scholars refuse to submit their work to Research India Publications.

Appendix 1: An acceptance letter sent to an author informing him of the publishing fees and copyright transfer. The letter is anonymized.

Appendix 2: List of Research India Publication journals as of March 12, 2014
1.Advance in Applied Computational Mechanics [AACM] 2249-4278
2.Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications [AASA] 2277-3223
3.Advances in Algebra [AA] 0973-6964
4.Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis [AAMA] 0973-5313
5.Advances in Applied Mathematical Biosciences [AAMB] 2248-9983
6.Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology [ACST] 0974-4738
7.Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications [ADSA] 0973-5321
8.Advances in Electronic and Electric Engineering [AEEE] 2231-1297
9.Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics [AFM] 0973-533X
10.Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics [ATAM] 0973-4554
11.Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications [AWMC] 0973-6972
12.Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences [AJMMS]
13.Communication in Applied Geometry [CAG] 2249-4286
14.Communication in differential and Difference Equation [CDDE] 0973-6301
15.Current Development in Artificial Intelligencee [CDAI] 0976-5832
16.Developmental Microbiology and Molecular Biology [DMMB] 0976-5867
17.Global Journal of Academic Librarianship [GJAL]
18.Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research [GJAAR] 2248-9991
19.Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences [GJAES] 2248-9932
20.Global Journal of Biotechnology and Biochemistry Research [GJBBR] 2248-9894
21.Global Journal of Business Management and Information Technology [GJBMIT] 2278-3679
22.Global Journal of Computational Intelligence Research [GJCIR] 2249-0000
23.Global Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics [GJCSM] 2248-9908
24.Global Journal of Difference Equations [GJDE] 2249-4235
25.Global Journal of Dynamical System and Applications [GJDSA] 2249-4294
26.Global Journal of Economics and Social Development [GJESD]
27.Global Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies [GJEAPS]
28.Global Journal of Electronic and Communication Engg. & Technology [GJECET]
29.Global Journal of Electronic and Communication Research [GJECR] 2249-314X
30.Global Journal of Engineering Research and Technology [GJERT] 2249-3107
31.Global Journal of Finance and Economic Management [GJFEM] 2249-3158
32.Global Journal of Finance and Management [GJFM] 0975-6477
33.Global Journal of Management and Business Studies [GJMBS] 2248-9878
34.Global Journal of Marketing Management and Research [GJMMR] 2250-3242
35.Global Journal of Mathematical Science: Theory and Practical [GJMS] 0974-3200
36.Global Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences [GJMMS] 0972-9836
37.Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education [GJPSE]
38.Global Journal of Political Science [GJPS]
39.Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics [GJPAM] 0973-1768
40.Global Journal of Retail Management [GJRM] 2277-3231
41.Global Journal of Sociology and Anthropology [GJSA]
42.Global Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics Sciences [GJTAMS] 2248-9916
43.International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology Research [IJABR] 2249-3166
44.International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Technology [IJACST] 2249-3123
45.International Journal of Advanced Materials Science [IJAMS] 2231-1211
46.International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering [IJAME] 2250-3234
47.International Journal of Advanced Software Engineering [IJASE] 2249-3069
48.International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Management [IJAEM]
49.International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology [IJAFST] 2249-3050
50.International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research [IJAAR] 0974-4754
51.International Journal of Applied Biotechnology and Biochemistry [IJABB] 2248-9886
52.International Journal of Applied Chemistry [IJAC] 0973-1792
53.International Journal of Applied Computational Science & Mathematics [IJACSM]
54.International Journal of Applied Engineering Research [IJAER] 1087-1090
55.International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences [IJAES] 0973-6077
56.International Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences [JAMS] 0973-0176
57.International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics [IJAMM] 0973-0184
58.International Journal of Applied Physics [IJAP]
59.International Journal of Biomedical and Healthcare Science [IJBHS]
60.International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research [IJBBR] 2231-1238
61.International journal of Business Administration and Management [IJBAM] 2278-3660
62.International Journal of Business and Rural Development Studies [IJBRDS] 2277-3207
63.International Journal of Business Management and Leadership [IJBML] 2231-122X
64.International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research [IJChER] 0975-6442
65.International Journal of Chemistry and Applications [IJCA] 0974-3111
66.International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering [IJCCE] 2248-9924
67.International Journal of Childhood and Society [IJCS]
68.International Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications [IJCEA] 2249-426X
69.International Journal of Civil Engineering Research [IJCER] 2278-3652
70.International Journal of Civil Mechanical Engineering [IJCME] 2250-3218
71.International Journal of Communication Engineering and Technology [IJCET] 2277-3150
72.International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics [IJCAM] 1819-4966
73.International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research [IJCIR] 0974-1259
74.International Journal of Computational Physical Sciences [IJCPS] 0976-5875
75.International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering [IJCSE] 2249-4251
76.International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics [IJCSM] 0974-3189
77.International Journal of Computer and Internet Security [IJCIS] 0974-2247
78.International Journal of Consumer Policy [IJCP] 2278-3644
79.International Journal of Dental Research and Technologies [IJDRT]
80.International Journal of Difference Equations [IJDE] 0973-6069
81.International Journal of Digital Libraries and Knowledge Management [IJDLKM]
82.International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids [IJDF] 0973-1784
83.International Journal of Economic and Management Strategy [JEMS] 2278-3636
84.International Journal of Economic Research and Networking [IJERN]
85.International Journal of Education and Information Studies [IJEIS]
86.International Journal of Educational Administration [IJEA] 0976-5883
87.International Journal of Educational Planning and Administration [IJEPA] 2249-3093
88.International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering [IJEC] 0974-2190
89.International Journal of Electrical Engineering [IJEE] 0974-2158
90.International Journal of Electronic and Communication Research [IJECR] 2231-1246
91.International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering [IJEEE] 0974-2174
92.International Journal of Electronic Engineering and Technology [IJEET] 2249-3085
93.International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering [IJECE] 0974-2166
94.International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research [IJEER] 0975-6450
95.International Journal of Electronics Networks, Devices and Field [IJENDF] 0974-2182
96.International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science [IJEMS] 2249-3115
97.International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology [IJERT] 0974-3154
98.International Journal of Engineering Studies [IJES] 0975-6469
99.International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management [IJEEM] 2231-1319
100.International Journal of Environmental Research and Development [IJERD] 2249-3131
101.International Journal of Environmental Sci. Development & Monitoring [IJESDM] 2231-1289
102.International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences [IJFAS] 2248-9975
103.International Journal of Fluids Engineering [IJFE] 0974-3138
104.International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems [IJFMS] 2248-9940
105.International Journal of Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology [IJGEB] 0974-3073
106.International Journal of Horticultural and Crop Science Research [IJHCSR] 2249-4243
107.International Journal of Hospitality Administration and Management [IJHAM]
108.International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management [IJHRDM]
109.International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences [IJHSS] 2250-3226
110.International Journal of Industrial & Production Engineering & Tech. [IJIPET] 2249-4219
111.International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control [IJIEC] 0974-2220
112.International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Technology [IJIET] 0974-3146
113.International Journal of Information and Computation Technology [IJICT] 0974-2239
114.International Journal of Information Science and Education [IJISE] 2231-1262
115.International Journal of Information Sciences and Application [IJISA] 0974-2255
116.International Journal of Information Technology and Library Science [IJITLS]
117.International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering [JISE] 2278-5825
118.International Journal of Internet and Computer Security [IJICS] 0974-2247
119.International Journal of Knowledge Management and Information Tech. [IJKMIT]
120.International Journal of Lakes and Rivers [IJLR] 0973-4570
121.International Journal of Librarianship and Administration [IJLA] 2231-1300
122.International Journal of Library Automation, Networking and Consortia [IJLANC]
123.International Journal of Management and International Business Studies [IJMIBS] 2277-3177
124.International Journal of Material Sciences and Technology [IJMST] 2249-3077
125.International Journal of Materials Physics [IJMP] 0974-309X
126.International Journal of Materials Science [IJoMS] 0973-4589
127.International Journal of Mathematical Education [IJoME] 0973-6948
128.International Journal of Mathematics Research [IJMR] 0976-5840
129.International Journal of Mechanical and Material Sciences Research [IJMMSR]
130.International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Research [IJMER] 2249-0019
131.International Journal of Mechanics and Solids [IJM&S] 0973-1881
132.International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics [IJMT] 2278-361X
133.International Journal of Mechanics Structural [IJMS] 0974-312X
134.International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic [IJME] 0974-2204
135.International Journal of Mobile Communication & Networking [IJMCN] 2231-1203
136.International Journal of Mobile Communication Networking [IJMCN] 2231-1203
137.International Journal of Molecular Genetics [IJMG] 2249-4227
138.International Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology [IJNN] 0974-3081
139.International Journal of Nanotechnology and Application [IJNA] 0973-631X
140.International Journal of Networking & Computer Engineering [IJNCE] 0975-6485
141.International Journal of Networks and Applications [IJN&A] 0976-5859
142.International Journal of Nursing Sciences and Practice [IJNSP]
143.International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography [IJOO] 0973-2667
144.International Journal of Operations Management & Information Tech. [IJOMIT] 2278-3628
145.International Journal of Operations Management and Services [JOMS] 2277-3193
146.International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology [IJPST] 0973-6328
147.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice [IJPSP]
148.International Journal of Pharmacy and Drug Research [IJPDR]
149.International Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences [IJPSS]
150.International Journal of Photonics [IJP] 0974-2212
151.International Journal of Physics and Applications [IJPA] 0974-3103
152.International Journal of Psychology and Counseling [IJPC] 2278-5833
153.International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences [IJPAMS] 0972-9828
154.International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics [IJPAP] 0973-1776
155.International Journal of Quality Assurance and Management [IJQAM]
156.International Journal of Semiconductor Science & Technology [IJSST] 0975-6493
157.International Journal of Software Engineering [IJSE] 0974-3162
158.International Journal of Statistics and Analysis [IJSA] 2248-9959
159.International Journal of Statistics and Systems [IJSS] 0973-2675
160.International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Sciences [IJTACS]
161.International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics [IJTAM] 0973-6085
162.International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education [IJVTE]
163.International Journal of Wireless Communication and Simulation [IJWCS] 2231-1254
164.International Journal of Wireless Networks and Applications [IJWNA] 2250-3250
165.International Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications [IJWNC] 0975-6507
166.International Journal: Mathematical Manuscripts [IJMM] 0974-2883
167.International Journals of Biotechnology and Biochemistry [IJBB] 0974-4762
168.International Review of Applied Engineering Research [IRAER] 2248-9967
169.International Review of Business and Finance [IRBF] 0976-5891
170.International Review of Foreign Trade and Policy [IRFTP]
171.Internatioznal Journal of Information Science and Application [IJISA] 0974-2255
172.JK Journal of Management and Technology [JKJMT] 0975-0924
173.Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics [JAMFM] 0974-3170
174.Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics [JCIB] 0973-385X
175.Journal of Computer Science and Application [JCSA] 2231-1270
176.Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications [JNAA]
177.Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications [JWTA] 0973-6336
178.Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing [MMAC] 0973-6093
179.Mathematics Applied in Science and Technology [MAST] 0973-6344

By: Jeffrey Beall
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Source: Scholarly Open Access


Jeff Shrager says:

March 18, 2014 at 9:37 AM

I don’t know…Their prices are, at least compared to “real” journals, pretty modest, and there is some logic to charging both the reader and the author, thus charging whomever one delivers service to. They are also totally up front about the prices, listing the page charge ($25/page) clearly in the information for authors page. (Compare PLoS ONE which charges, last time I looked, order $1500 to the author.) And it’s is, or used to be, typical to require copyright assignment. So, this doesn’t look too terribly egregious to me.

Ken Lanfear says:

March 18, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Except for the lying part you allege, charging authors for publishing — page charges — is a fairly standard practice with subscription journals.

Jeffrey Beall says:

March 18, 2014 at 10:23 AM

Even for commercial publishers? Aren’t page charges generally limited to scholarly societies? Can you give an example of a non-society toll-access journal that also imposes page charges? Thanks.

Jeff Shrager says:

March 18, 2014 at 1:50 PM

In a normal market everyone pays for value received. I don’t get why resonable page charges and a reasonable cover price is so despicable, unless you want to unbalance the market, as OA does and put all costs on the author. I’m not saying that this is bad (if I thought it was bad what would I be doing here … not to mention having a dozen OA papers?!) just that it’s putting one’s thumb on the scale, for better or worse.

tekija says:

March 18, 2014 at 2:17 PM

Well, the open access and subscription journal are converging. The mail I got today could equally well be from any open access, predatory journal:

– extremely broad scope
– very large editorial board doing the work
– you can volunteer as an editor
– you can suggest other editors
– except large turnover of manuscripts
– no fee paid – and I very much doubt they will not charge the authors:

This is Wolters-Kluwer (note: I have never reviewed for this journal, so they must be taking contact details of all other WK – or perhaps even Lippincott – publications to spam this message):

Join the Editorial Board for Medicine®
As It Transitions To An Important Broad–Spectrum Open Access Journal

Dear Dr. (redacted)

I am pleased to announce that Medicine, a Wolters Kluwer Health publication and one of the most respected and frequently cited journals in general medicine, will transform to an open access journal in 2014. As an open access title, the journal will offer continuous publication, covering a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines. Medicine will cover the latest research and clinical developments in medicine and health sciences.

Medicine is a Medicus/MedLine/PubMed indexed journal, with an Impact Factor of 4.233 as reported in the 2013 ISI Journal Citation Reports (ranking 18th out of 155 General & Internal Medicine titles).

Given both your experience as a reviewer and your area of expertise, Wolters Kluwer Health would like to extend to you an invitation to join the Medicine editorial board as an Academic Editor. In this role, you would play an essential part in ensuring that accepted content is scientifically and ethically sound, and in compliance with standard reporting guidelines.

Objectives for Academic Editors
Supervise the review and adjudication of manuscripts submitted to your area of expertise.
Help communicate the results of peer review to facilitate the revision of the submitted manuscripts.
Help recruit further Academic Editors where submission volume is high.

Remuneration and Term of Office
Academic Editors will serve for a renewable term of 1 year.
There will be no direct financial remuneration, but Academic Editors will be acknowledged for their work on the Journal website.
For more information on Medicine and Open Access, please see our Open Access FAQ.

I sincerely hope that you will join the Editorial Board in this exciting endeavor. To register your interest, please respond via email to Senior Publisher, Duncan MacRae (

Duncan A. MacRae
Sr Publisher, Open Access Journals
Wolters Kluwer Health, Medical Research”

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Liam Mac Liam says:

March 18, 2014 at 12:49 PM

If I have understood your query correctly, Jeffrey, in my field the International Journal of Engineering Education comes to mind:

The Emerald City Journal was create by the people for the people to express their views and voices. It's a Seattle newspaper that gives everyone a voice whether you agree with their view or not. The Emerald City Journal is an opinion newspaper for everyone wanting to share their voice with the World.

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