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Mike Asimos Favorite Seattle Hiking Spots

Having travelled all over the country and having experienced many of the hiking spots in Seattle, we asked Mike Asimos what his favorites are. If you don’t know Mike Asimos, he is a collector, hiker, and outdoorsman. He runs his own personal blog which goes into great detail about his adventures and the products he was used (good or bad). We recently did an interview with him about his large Grateful Dead collection as well here. It’s a great read so be sure to check it out for more background information.

After doing our interview with Mike Asimos, continued to discuss his hiking adventures. He obviously is a person who is passionate about whatever he is doing. He is very detailed and knows what he is talking about. I wish we could post some of the places he was visited… they are AMAZING. I recommended that he should try photography actually. Mike mentioned he hasn’t been to Seattle in sometime, however, he does remember all the good hiking spots around here. “There are so many… ones which nobody even talks about”, he explained.

Here is the short list Mike Asimos (who also goes by Michael Asimos on his blog) recommends if you’re a local Seattle resident. Washington State is one of his favorites due to all the forest trails and national parks.

1) Rattle Snake Mountain: It’s a good starter hike if you’re just getting started. Its elevation is a little over 1,000. It has some amazing views of the Mountains (Cascades & Mount Si). It can get pretty busy so go early if you’re going to go.

2) Annette Lake: Mike Asimos says this is one of his favorites because when you actually reach the top – there is a lake at the top! The trail is covered by trees but there is a clear enough path to make it there. It also has some great views as you hike up.

3) Little Si Hike: Lastly, Mike recommends a more rocky trail but again it features some great views similar to Rattlesnake (above).

There you have it readers. The top hiking spots by Mike Asimos himself. As the weather continues to improve here in Seattle be sure to visit them and enjoy the scenery. You can read more about Michael Asimos by using our search feature on the Emerald City Journal homepage.

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