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April 08, 2011

Fun Seattle Trivia Facts

Some fun Seattle trivia facts – Did you know?

  • Seattle Washington was the first city in the USA to play a Beatles song.
  • Seattleites buy more sunglasses per capita then any other city in the USA. (So much for the rain & clouds here)
  • The first gas station opened in the WORLD – was in Seattle Washington (1907).
  • The Space Needle was the first rotating eatery in the USA.

Know you know some fun Seattle trivia facts!

Once a Seattle Tax..Always A Seattle Tax – The Kingdome & Sports Stadiums

 A new bill has been presented that will extend the taxes that are now being used to fund the Seattle sports stadiums.  In 2000, the Seattle Kingdome was blown up.  The taxes generated would be used to add new stadiums (Safeco & Qwest Field).  In 1995, Legislature assured voters that the taxes would not continue.  Supporters of the bill, want the taxes to keep coming so they can fund other things like expanding on Seattle’s convention center and/or Arts & Culture programs.  The new bill that extends the taxes is supported by King County Executive Dow Constantine.

Once a Tax always a tax.  Once a toll always a toll.  They never go away.

University of Washington Is A Private University. It Is Not Public Anymore.

Finally a story in the paper got peoples attention about the University of Washington.  By now most everyone has heard of Brandon Stover. It is hard to believe that a local boy who graduated from high school with a 4.0 grade average was turned down at the University. He was valedictorian of his class. He needs to go to the University of Washington because he cannot afford to go unless he lives at home and keeps his job. You would think the University would be ashamed to turn him down. Hope this back fires big time. They have ran the wheels right off their bus. The House Dems’ say they have to raise tuition. NO THEY DON’T. Politicians blame the taxpayers for the severe cutbacks. The University says the UW budget cuts are because voters passed anti-tax measures. The University is not making any budget cuts and any taxpayer money to that place should end right now.

The House says a quarter of their budget (about $831.9), is dedicated to renovation projects at public agencies. The University is slated for a big remodel job. They should do it with their profits and their own cuts in salaries and expenses.

We taxpayers cannot afford to be screwed over by a bunch of greedy money grubbers. I will name a few, but for every one I name there are hundreds that have helped get them to that position and pay offs, favors, bloated salaries would break any business. UW President Mark Emmert would have been making $900,000 if he had stayed, but he has left for a better job. He was here a long time and his salary would have paid the tuition for $100 local students at $9,000 each. If taxpayers were given a choice which would they choose?  He was replaced by Phyllis M. Wise. Her salary is $535,000 plus deferred compensation. But she had to get a second job on the board of Nike to help her make it in these hard times. It gets worse. The football coach, Steve Sarkisian salary is $1.7 million. This morning in the Times 4-6-11 was the news that the UW hired a new womens basketball coach. His name is Kevin McGuff with a starting salary of $474,000.

Pieces started to fall in place when Governor Gregoire made a trace trip to China during the time she was slashing, cutting, losing sleep over the budget crisis. She took 80 people with her. It had to cost a bundle. She said it was for trade and higher education. I could not understand what that meat. It means she is recruiting foreign students willing to pay three times the amount to go to the UW. That is not the way to fix the budget. Her budget is trying to get all she can from the taxpayers. Someone has to rattle the cage and get the monkeys jumping around. If she was interested in getting the State of Washington back on track she would cap the salaries. Look at the fired Superintendent of school (Maria Goodloe Johnson), look at the Port of Seattle (Tay Yoshitani) Salary. These things are actually theft or embezzling from the students tuition and taxpayers. We were suckered into building two sports palaces for billionaires not we are making millionaires out of almost all the people running schools, city light, port etc. It has to stop.

We sure do not need a levy that doubles our property tax to give to these thief’s. Its pure and simple. Almost like in the third world countries where the dictator sits in a palace and takes money from the poor while they live in shacks and in the slums. We workers are sick of it. Its bad enough to take our money and hand it over to these people who do not want to work and prefer to stay drugged up or drunk, but this is worse to raise our taxes to give to the University of Washington who divides it around the top bracket of crooks. We should cut all ties with the University of Washington, let it run itself, and pay us back for the buildings we have paid for while they were  laughing all the way to the bank. It is sad that the University of Washington got so greedy.

Jesse Jackson & The Death Of MLK

Even Though MLK day was back in January, their was a recent news story about Jesse Jackson that just made my jaw drop in disbelief.  The short of the story is this.  As you know, Martin Luther King was assassinated on his balcony in Tennessee.  A shot rang out (what is believed to be a sniper) hit Mr. King leaving him in a pool of his own blood.  The bullet entered the tip of his chin and tore half of his neck off. 

Right before the shot rang out, Jesse Jackson, Ben Branch, and few others we celebrating a little after winning a recent court case (giving them more opportunities to march) in the parking lot.  MLK actually just went upstairs to get ready for a dinner they were all going to that night.  The shot rang out and MLK was assassinated.  It was a mess for a few seconds with the police running in the wrong direction trying to find the suspect and with MLK’s friends running up to take care of Martin Luther King in his last moments. 

Here is the part that I just couldn’t believe.  Jesse Jackson went upstairs and placed his hands in the pool of blood and smeared it on his shirt.  He went out to the public and stated “he died in my arms”.  Because Jesse Jackson was in the parking lot and not on the balcony (as Jesse claimed) with Mr. King his statement was investigated.  There were many photos taken during the final hours where Jesse Jackson was seen with the smeared shirt on.  The next morning he was on the NBC “Today” show saying MLK “died in my arms”.  It was later investigated and it turns out that statement was completely false.  Jesse Jackson later apologies for the false statement.

It’s an interesting story to say the least.  Did Jesse Jackson really have the “entrepreneurial instinct” to take advantage of a tragic moment.  Remember at this time Jesse Jackson really had no opportunities.  Was this lie (or cover-up) by Jesse Jackson really a move for him to take over the leadership role of the civil rights movement? Sumner & Puyallup RIPOFF REPORT!

It’s sad businesses continue to rip people off.  Do they really think in this digital age that nobody is going to report on their bad behavior?  They and many businesses think that they can just rip people off and walk away with fatter wallet.  We recently had a very bad experience with that involved a “diagnosis fee” which in reality was just a smooth way of saying a travel fee.  Of course they didn’t call it a travel fee.  Read more about bait and switch it at

If you live in the Puyallup, Sumner, or the South End areas please remember to use caution.

Did You Know Houses in Georgetown are Assessed at $1,000? Zillow Didn’t.

I want to invite you to take a nice walk thru Georgetown. Look at the houses on Corson and Carlton. I am not sure about Flora and Ellis. Notice all the houses are different. There are some beauties. Some are small and plain. Everyone is assessed at $1,000 ( one thousand dollars). Zillow prices varies but are between $200,000 and $350,000), Fire insurance appraisers set the price close to the Zillow price.
The assessor that did this was Scott Noble. After he got himself into some serious trouble and arrested, we had four assessors in 5 months. Appeals were nightmares and totally useless. The Department of Assessments actually wiped out single family homes. They call all of our homes tear downs. They want us to build 8 unit condos. I appealed but the only defense you can present is evidence the assessor has erred in doing the appraisal. My argument was you would have to be drunk or crazy to say every house along at these two streets are only worth a thousand dollars. They said I had to bring proof of sales around me. No house beside me, behind me, in front of me had been sold. Every house in this entire neighborhood had been declared identical and worthless. I lost my appeal.  The reason was “It is the assessors job to tax on the highest and best use”.  Single family dwellings are not the best use. The best use is tear our house down and put up an 8 unit condo. The state of course owns vacant land, pays no tax and doesn’t build condo’s on theirs. I also argued that you cant buy a Tuff Shed for $1,000. Just a total time waster to appeal. The value of the land went from $60,000 to $320,000. In other words we are being taxed right out of our $1,000 home.

This presents another boondoggle. Fire Insurance appraisers actually come and go thru the houses. They talk you into taking replacement value. This means if my house burns down they will replace it, not give me money or replace the house on a lot I can afford to pay taxes on. I would never build a new little house on a $320,000 lot here in Georgetown. So Fire Insurance is actually worthless. I am not sure the city would issue a permit to build a single family dwelling. If you go down to try to talk to them you are more or less shown the way back out of the building and told to file certain forms. From then on you are lost in Electronic Dead Ends. Something is very wrong here but none of us residents can find a way to fix it. It appears the appraiser took on the role of a Land Use Change without having to hold a hearing.

Today in the mail I get a letter from King County Sound Insulation Program. They want to come and insulate my house free to block out the noise of airplanes. If the state is broke, why would they spend thousands to insulate my THOUSAND DOLLAR HOUSE that I have lived in for 65 years and the appraiser wants me to tear down? Not real urgent. Wait until the state is not in debt.

I also got a notice from WSDOT that they will be repaving my street soon. My goodness if the state is broke why would you repave a street that doesn’t even need it. Please do not send the men in little white coats. This stupid stuff is true. State is not broke, they just cant figure out how to spend all the money.

Who does City Attorney Pete Holmes Work For? Who is his Client?

The City Attorney just sued to block the Referendum against the Highway 99 Tunnel. Does he have the legal right to do that? He is an independently elected official. My view is he cannot strike out on his own and sue to stop a referendum to stop the tunnel that has enough signatures to be on the fall ballot. I think he has to be defending some branch of the city. The mayor didn’t ask him to sue. The Mayor is totally in favor of the referendum being on the ballot and the tunnel stopped. The city council is for the tunnel but had no meetings to take a vote about what to do with the referendum, so he isn’t working on their behalf. I would think it should be illegal for the city attorney to take it upon himself to sue for anything that he has not been instructed to do. He says he will save the city millions of dollars if he blocks the referendum. Well why doesn’t he block the school levy, it would save billions and billions? We the people have no choice about putting the school levy on the ballot, but we the people did have a choice about putting the tunnel referendum on. We have more than enough signatures showing we want to vote on it. The King County Council has not instructed him to stop it. He did it on his own almost the minute it was shown to have enough signatures.

For sure the city signed contracts before and during the time “we the people paying for it” were working to get a vote. It was a slimy, (not clever at all) way to muddle up the mess.

For City Attorney Peter Holmes to say he did it to save the taxpayers money and hold a straight face takes some fine acting. None of the politicians give one hoot in hell about saving taxpayers money. That is the one thing they do not even consider. They have proved that time and time again. The tunnel is the most expensive. How did that save me money?

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