, Doesn’t Honor Agreement, Don Allred Insurance North Carolina

It’s important for companies and individuals to be aware of companies who just don’t honor their Agreements. Especially when services are render and they “decided not pay anymore”. Take a look at they also going by Don Allred Insurance in North Carolina. After receiving the Internet Services from us, they simply call their bank and reject the transaction while we get stuck with nothing. This is exactly what happened with this company and you should be aware about their insurance company services and the owners in general when they operate like this. We provided (and they continue to profit from our work yet they just decided to “reject” the transaction) them with great a product.

After the services were render and we were paid by this company Don Allred Insurance North Carolina (they also go by decide to call their bank a few days later and reject the transaction. It was done by Scott Allred actually. He didn’t bother to tell us or give us any notice it was only discovered after the bank took the money out of our account. We emailed them first to see if there was any problems with the services we provided them and the next day they (Scott Allred) called me to let me know that they were not going to pay us this month for services.  In short, they called the bank and just decided they didn’t need to pay us for the services we provided that month. We informed Scott Allred about the Service Agreement, however, he was sharp and rude saying we were out of luck. Not exactly the type of insurance company and owners you want to do business with right? It was a low blow by them and I am saddened to even have to write about my business experiences with Scott Allred at Don Allred Insurance North Carolina.

We hope you can understand the frustration it is to work with companies like Allred Insurance who just decides not to pay after receiving services and doesn’t even care to honor a signed Agreement.

Don Allred Insurance North Carolina
Representative: Scott Allred
3001 South Church Street
Burlington, North Carolina 27215

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